White bag banned items

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Cash Registers

Thin Clients

External Routers and Modems

Medical Equipment

   * EKGs, X-ray machines, etc.

Video Game Systems

   * Nintendo, Playstation, etc.


   * Excludes all speakers that do not connect with a personal computer


   * Includes traditional photograph and digital varieties
   * Also includes video cameras and web cameras

Multimedia Projectors

   * Examples include video, data and LCD projectors

Personal Organizers

   * Examples include Palm Pilots, PDA, etc.

Other Handheld Electronics

   * Blackberrys, Gameboys, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Printers

   * Those used for large-scale printing

Receipt Printers


Portable DVD Players

Automotive Displays

VCR, DVD, Laser Disk and BETA Players


   * No loose batteries (i.e. cell phone or laptop batteries) are accepted

Disks, Tapes, CDs and Cartridges

   * Includes all software as well as any related cases and racks/holders

Loose Printer Cartridges

   * Includes both inkjet and laser/toner cartridges

Electronics Manuals

   * Includes all papers and documents related to electronics

Cell Phones, Pagers and Beepers

   * Includes batteries, headsets and walkie-talkies


   * Includes all CD, tape and record players

Home/Car Audio Speakers

   * Includes all supplementary audio equipment and cables

Walkmen, Discmen and Digital Music (MP3) Players


Home Appliances

   * Examples include microwaves, toasters, etc.


Cable Boxes and Satellite Receivers

Please see white bag allowed items