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The official Free Geek website is located at

It is a static website built using Woodcut, and hosted locally at Free Geek. The website source is version-controlled with git at FGV app/website repo.

The main contacts for the website are the Free Geek Vancouver sysadmins <[email protected]>.


You will need to have a public SSH key registered to the server by a sysadmin.

Woodcut is required to build the website source. Install it on your workstation like this:

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
git clone git://
cd woodcut
python install

Making Changes to the Website


  • Reset Boron before making any updates, because our servers hate us:
sudo reboot
  • Once Boron has rebooted, clean out any temporary files:
sudo apt-get clean
  • Use df -h to ensure the amount of filespace has increased.

Editing and testing

  • cd website
  • git pull --ff-only
  • Edit files to change as necessary
  • Run woodcut to see final output: woodcut build . /tmp/www --copy
  • View output at file:///tmp/www in your webbrowser


  • git add <modified file>
  • git commit It will ask you to enter a message describing your changes
  • git push production master

oh gosh there's errors

  • Do all these in a terminal:
touch fix
git add fix
git commit -m 'fix'
git rm fix
git commit -m 'fix deploy'
sudo reboot
wait for a few minutes, chill out
sudo apt-get clean
try pushing again