Volunteer Meeting Minutes march 12th 08

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Meeting: March 12 6:30-8:15pm Attendance: Megan, Chris H., Erik I., Christine H., Sumi K., Devenne D.

Check out: To do list and suggestions for next steps


Support Volunteers

Check out: Volunteer Learning Cycle & Support Volunteer Training for details, the below are additional suggestions for the original training that has now been modified.


We need more Support Volunteers!

  1. When a person graduates from the Adoption or Build Program they will enter into one of these streams: Adoption Buddy or Build Buddy
  2. After a Buddy period they will either become a Support Volunteer, a Build Instructor or remain a Buddy
  • We need to improve the log of stations
  • This will be further defined soon!

Additional Tasks

Support Volunteers will:

  • Give tours
  • Teach Adoption Classes
  • Create more Support Volunteer Stations!!


  • Improve class, include more hands on teaching practice
  • Hold class once a month
  • Have old Support Volunteers help teach new SV
  • Make sure SV have current training of stations and have done Eval or Printer Testing once a month
  • SV want to learn more about the recycling practices of FG

Volunteer Work Stations

  • Chris will work on improving teaching boards! yay! :)
  • Cleaning! We need more shelves and labeled bins
  • Splinters! The table tops are rough, we need to seal them somehow
  • Stools would be nice
  • Better lighting
  • 'End of your shift task list' needed for stations
  • Terminals at some stations would be helpful, with interactive trouble shooting pages
  • LCD testing: a better test pattern could be used to test for dead pixels
  • A map attached to full bins would be great!
  • Some stations could be called "Stress Relief Stations" all stations could have fun names like that
  • Shadow boards would be useful for tools
  • A 'Blitz' or 'Help' station might be useful
  • There could be a Support Volunteer Station called the 'Moral or Culture Station' where the volunteer would be in charge of music, games and general moral, maybe combined with the help station
  • Some stations could be modified or broken down more, for example EVAL is getting complicated, an advanced eval might be helpful
  • Hardware identification teaching boards would be very very helpful!!

Volunteer Appreciation

  • MUSIC!!
  • Photo wall for Adoption Graduates
  • Wall of appreciation for thank you cards would also be nice
  • Brighter colours would be nice
  • A cowbell would be fun
  • Picnic tables somehow outside
  • FG Facebook could use an uplift
  • Quarterly Volunteer socials combined with Ubuntu release parties need an uplift: Include games, Geek Box Deco competition, collaborative mural painting, music & dancing
  • Coffee! needs to be made more regularly
Free Geek Games

When we're up and running a little more smoothly, a 15 minute break for fun would be great! Maybe draw straws and do a game a day.

Suggested Games so far:

  • Flat Ribbon hula
  • Power Supply bowling
  • Hard Drive crush off
  • Card sorting race
  • White bag toss
  • Logistics need to be figured out

General Suggestions

  • We need a better place for coats and bags
  • LCD test pattern could be better to look for dead pixels
  • Blinds might be useful at the build bench because the glare can be disruptive
  • The wiki could have a culture page, with haikus and feedback forms
  • The Announcements board needs to be more visible, maybe on the door or above the sign in sheet
  • The kitchen could be used as a classroom space if it was expanded and closed during certain hours, or even just as a work group meeting space the way it is with known open and closed times
  • We need a general 'Clutter Island' sorting table for odds and ends
  • Public computers should be better advertised, also they should have instructions for use on the desktop, the public phone needs a sign too