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Volunteer Discount

Volunteers with 12 or more volunteer hours in the last 90 days are eligible for a 40% discount in the Thrift Store on most items. Exceptions:

  • Laptops are discounted by 20%
  • High-end desktops (Core i5, i7, and AMD 6-core+) are discounted by 20%
  • Phones and tablets are discounted by 20%
  • We reserve the right to not offer discounts on some products

Purchasing Policy

  • Customers must show ID for credit card purchases.
  • Items must be paid for in full before the customer can take them home. We do not offer purchases on account.

Return Policy

No Refunds - No Exceptions.

  • All items can be returned within 14 days for exchange or store credit. You must bring the receipt.
  • Returned items that are not defective are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • Any scrap items are sold as-is and cannot be returned.
  • All our items are tested with either Linux (typically Ubuntu or Mint). They are not guaranteed to work with any other operating system. We can help in determining what you need, but it is your responsibility to find out what you have and if it will work.

Computer Warranty

All desktops and laptops we sell come with a limited 90-day warranty. If your computer's hardware is faulty, we will diagnose it to verify the problem. Once the error can be demonstrated, we will repair or replace any faulty hardware. If the issue cannot be fixed, you may exchange it for an item of similar value, or receive store credit.

Limited warranty terms:
We are unable to replace failed laptop batteries.
We do not cover damage caused by negligence, such as dropping.
Computers must be returned with their original parts. Any hardware replacement will void the warranty.

All of our computers are built and tested using a version of the Linux or Mac OSX operating system. While many of them will work with other operating systems, such as Windows, we cannot guarantee this. We are unable to offer hardware support for computers running operating systems other than the one installed with the system when it is purchased.

Functional systems that are returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee, and can only be returned for store credit.

Hold Policy

  • Depending on the item, we will hold it for you up to a week. For more popular items, such as laptops, the hold time will be less.
  • We may require a deposit for the hold.
  • We are unable to offer layaway

Technical Support

  • Open Source Help night is on Wednesday 6-9pm, and is the time set aside purely for technical support. This is the best time to receive help with technical issues you might be having.
  • We do not offer technical support in the store, either in person or over the phone. Depending on how busy we are that day there may be someone on site to help, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • All testing occurs in a Ubuntu environment; we cannot guarantee that our tested items work in other operating systems.