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  • This is not a list of our stock but a guide. Our stock comes from donations and changes daily.
  • For inquiries about stock and prices, it is best to come to our store, otherwise contact: sales@freegeekvancouver.org
  • Unless otherwise noted, all items come with Free Geek's standard 14-day warranty.
  • Our thrift store can only do exchanges or Store credit only.

Laptop Computers

  • We carry a ever changing supply of PC and Apple laptops.
  • Laptops come with a 90-day hardware warranty.
  • All laptops come with one charger.
  • PC laptops mostly come with Ubuntu or Linux Mint.
  • Macs come with the MacOS
  • Some laptops can have the ram/harddrive increased at point of sale. Some limitations apply.

Laptop Accessories

  • We have laptop power supplies and laptop Bags.
  • It is best to bring in the laptop so we can match the power supply if it is available.
  • We do not carry or sell batteries.

Desktop Computers

  • We carry a ever changing supply of PC Desktops.
  • We also have Xeon Workstations and servers in limited supply.
  • we also carry a limited supply of older Mac pro's and iMac's
  • Desktops come with a 90-day hardware warranty.
  • PC desktops come installed with Ubuntu or Linux Mint. We do not sell computers with Windows.
  • All desktops come with one power cord.

Computer Parts

Desktop RAM

  • We carry large supplies of DDR2, and more limited supplies of DDR3
  • SRAM SDRAM, ECC, FB-DIMM, DDR1: Please inquire.

Laptop RAM

  • We have So-dimm DDR2, So-dimm DDR3 usually in stock.
  • For So-dimm DDR1 or earlier: please inquire.
  • Speed matter's! if you are unsure please bring in your laptop.

Storage Drives

Desktop Hard Drives

  • We have a usually large supply of 160gb to 1tb Desktop hardrive's in stock.
  • For other sizes or types: please inquire.
  • We no longer keep or test SCSI drives unless they are present in a computer.
  • We can do IDE drives as a special order.

Laptop Hard Drives

  • We have Sata drives from 120gb to 500gb usually in stock.
  • Please inquire about all other sizes and types.

Video Cards

  • We have a variety of low end and higher end Video cards of PCI-E and AGP.
  • For Gaming Cards and PCI cards please inquire.

Motherboard + CPU Bundles

  • Our motherboards come installed with a CPU and heatsink.
  • We have a binder in store that lists what we have in stock.
  • We can remove the CPU from the motherboard, and sell as is, however there will be no returns.

Network Cards

  • We usually have a selection of Ethernet and wireless cards

Optical Drives

  • We usually have Sata DVD writers in stock.
  • For all other types: please inquire.

Power Supply Units

  • We have 500watt to 750watt in stock.
  • Inquire about any others.
  • We do not carry Dell or HP propriety power supplies.

Case Parts

  • We have Heatsinks, Fans, Screws, cables.
  • we also carry empty cases, ready for your build.

Computer Peripherals


  • We have a range of Full Screen and Widescreen monitors 22" to 24" always in stock, please come to the store to see our range.
  • We sometimes have Plasma and LCD TV's and Wacom's: please inquire to availability.


  • we have a selection of USB and PS-2 wired keyboards.
  • We also usually have wireless Keyboards.
  • For Gaming keyboards, Apple keyboards, IBM 'M' keyboards: please inquire.


  • we have a selection of USB and PS-2 wired Mice.
  • We also usually have wireless Mice.
  • For Gaming Mice, older 'ball' mice, trackball Mice, Apple Mice: please inquire.*

Sound Devices

  • we have limited amount of computer speakers of 2.0, 2.1. 5.1 types.
  • We have usually a small selection of headphones.
  • we have PCI sounds cards, and sometimes external sound box's
  • Ask about HiFi components, we usually have turntable's and amps as well as VCR's.

Multimedia & Webcams

  • We carry USB hubs.
  • We have media readers both internal and external.
  • limited range of USB web cams.


Cell Phone & MP3 Player Charger Cables

  • We usually have a stock of older micro USB and 30 pin apple cables.
  • For new cables USB-C or Apple lightning cables please inquire in the store.

Video Cables

  • We always have a supply of HDMI, DVI and VGA cables in stock.


  • We always have a verity of lengths in stock.
  • Custom length: Please inquire.


  • We always have 'printer' USB 'B' cables in stock.
  • We have a large assortment of less common cable's, please come to the store to find out.

Network Devices

Wi-Fi Routers

  • We have 'N' routers or better in stock.

Video Game Consoles

  • We have a selection of tested Game consoles in stock.
  • Vintage game consoles: Please inquire.


  • we have a large selection of console games in stock.
  • Inquire about vintage games.