Shipping Scrap Circuit Board

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How to Ship Circuit Board to the USA

Note: On the warehouse desktop (on LTSP) look in 'Documents' to find useful documents and bill of lading forms. Also, there is a folder of past forms kept in the Cave.

1. Prepare skids, and estimate final weight.

2. Fill out Fed Ex customs form and Korean DRAM statement. Use example form for correct terms.

2a. Fax Fed Ex and Korean DRAM statement form to Fed Ex.

3. Fill out Bill of Lading (BOL) for CH Robinson, email to contact. Form can be found in the user account "Warehouse".

4. Await BOL returned from CH Robinson, print it.

5. Await call from Day/Ross, they will tell you when they are picking it up.

6. When driver arrives, make copies of all forms after the driver stickers them with all tracking info.

7. Make sure driver leaves with BOL, Fed Ex docs, and Korean RAM statement.