Roundup Account Creation

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This page is a step-to-step guide for the user to create an account on the Roundup issue tracking ticket system.

1) Type roundup in the firefox browser
Note: If offsite or on a laptop, Roundup is accessible by typing in firefox

2) A webpage loads showing the Roundup trackers index general is for all staff hwgrant is by invite only

3) Fill in the registration form with the required fields entered, click on Register when finished
Name: Enter Real First and Last Name
Login Name: Enter Real First and Last Name

4) After registering, check the email account that is registered with Roundup to confirm registration

5) Login into Roundup
Note: Do NOT select Remember me? on a public computer as this option stores a cookie containing the user's name and password on the public computer

6) To create a new Ticket
Click Create New under the Issues Submenu
Title: Enter a Specific title
Critical-network down
Feature-most suitable for most cases

Status: No selection-unread until someone reads it

Nosy list: Entering the name/email address of others on this list allows the details of the ticket being created to be sent by email to these users' email

Keywords: Entering in a keyword allows for others to search by keyword to find this ticket

When the ticket is created, the webpage will show msg # created issue #created