Removable Media Sorting

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NOTE: Software is not reused. All removable media that contains non-free software is destroyed.

With all types of media, there must be no paper or cardboard present.

See Software policy and Data Destruction Policy for relevant policies.

Also visit Recycling Vendors to see where these items go.


1) Remove disc from jewel case (hard plastic case).

2) Put disc in disc bin. Empty into CD/DVD gaylord when full.

3) Remove paper from jewel case; it goes to paper recycling.

4) Put jewel case in jewel case box.


Floppies, DAT tapes, other computer related tapes. VHS tapes are not accepted.

1) Remove floppy from paper sleeve (paper recycling) or remove tape from plastic jewel case.

2) Paper goes in paper recycle.

3) Jewel case goes in rubbish bin (no recycling or reuse options).

4) Place magnetic media in top slot of grey collection bin in receiving.