Ram testing/whiteboard

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  1. Check to see that all power bars are in the “on” position. Then check that the gray control box at the upper right hand corner of the testing board is “on”.
  2. Untested and unsorted ram is in the wide, shallow blue bin above the sorted ram shelves. Sorted, but untested ram is in the blue cubby-sized boxes on the shelves below the “unsorted” bin.
  3. There are two boards (3 & 2) for testing DDR and DDR1. Boards 6,5, 4 and 1 are for testing DDR2.
  4. Once ram is the appropriate slots, monitor the progress of testing by pressing the button on the gray control box at the upper-right hand corner of the testing area. This changes the monitor display from board to board.
  5. What ram passes? The percentage line must go to 100% and the pass column must indicate one full pass. If the screen reads, “pass complete, no error”, we can use this ram.
  6. Working ram is green-dotted and sorted into the wooden cubby holes. Non-working ram goes to the clear plastic, “recycle ram”” bin on the floor beneath the shelves.
  7. We cannot test SDR ram, ECC (server) ram, or laptop ram.
  • SDR – Discard to the clear plastic recycle box on the floor.
  • ECC (server) – Sort into the ECC blue box on the shelves.
  • laptop – Collect and deliver to the laptop build room.