Operations Meeting - 2010-03-23

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Free Geek Operations Meeting - 2009-03-23

  • Facilitator:Raul
  • Scribe: Jessica
  • Consensus briefer: none


  • Raul
  • Jessica
  • Devenne
  • Chris


  • Jessica- 2200 volunteers on the database, 40 tons of equipment incoming this month. Store is exceeding its sales targets. Jon is our new store coordinator. Server racks are in the process of being installed in the warehouse. There's two more build benches.
  • Raul- tidier, cleaner and more organized week on week. Store looks more visually appealing.

Old business

  • None

Name of agenda item

  • Power/electricity- new line to wiping, to printing, to mezz and server.
  • Dust Filters- We need dust filters. It was deemed too expensive by staff and recommended that we buy another hepa filter vacuum and include vacuuming daily into our schedules. Concensus.
  • After Hours visits- Proposal to ban anyone from being in Free Geek after hours alone, except for early mornings from Tuesday to Saturday, all purchases must be taken out of FG during opening hours, so that receipts can be checked. Consensus. Security Cameras- they record only outside of FG opening hours.
  • Receiving- Proposal to not have first timers on receiving, consensus.
  • Tech Support/WW- Some staff members would like to provide more tech support. Windowless Wednesdays will be every Wednesday starting in April. There are suggestions to look into tech support phone lines provided at certain times. We should look into options more thoroughly and Jessica commits to looking at this again next meeting.
  • HD Lab- staff propose to use a space next door to do tours on Wednesday and Saturday. Jessica is working on a presentation (powerpoint) to do at the orientations. HD Lab is a stop gap solution until we find some better solution to the increasing tour sizes.
  • Website- we want to update the website. Give it a cleaner look for ease of use and professionalism. A staff workgroup is looking into quotes for this. Devenne will work with the staff on what it is we need.
  • 10.04 Release Party- Jessica commit to contacting Ubuntu Vancouver to see if they are already having a party.
  • Voice mail- Is always full. Should we have a better/more refined system? Jessica commits to asking Tyler about our phone systems and what is possible.
  • Music- Are the new music stations around Free Geek working out? People seem to be generally happy, often any conflicts are resolved quickly, like volume. Phone Desk and Receiving need to have very low volume music because of our need to speak to people. In general lower volume is encouraged. Content is very important, there has been swearing heard which is offensive to some.
  • Pickups review- posponed.

Next meeting

  • When: Tuesday, 23rd March, 2010 @ 6pm
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St, back door