Open Meeting - 2016-01-12

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, January 12th 2016 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Facilitator: Mike F
  • Scribe: Michael D


  • Anna K
  • Brian M
  • Brian W
  • David G
  • Jeff W
  • Mac M
  • Michael D
  • Michele W
  • Mike F
  • Monika D
  • Roxana K
  • Stanley W
  • Trevor M


Mike F: These meetings will be loose, and will be more about discussion than rigidly sticking to pre-assigned topics. For starters, we'd like just a list of topics to talk about, and we can just let it flow from there.


  1. Political Friends
  2. Volunteer Satisfaction
  3. Online Scheduling
  4. Skills Database
  5. Open Meetings Structure


Political Friends

  • We need help from: corporations, parties, political districts.
  • We need to develop a solid history of ourselves, and a plan for the future—a unified story.
  • It needs to be easy for anyone to successfully pitch FG on our behalf.
  • There should be a presentation built, and made into the Board's position statement:
    1. Where are we now?
    2. Where have we been?
    3. Where are we going?
  • This should be on our website, and it should be what's sent to political entities, media outlets, and other sites.

Volunteer Satisfaction

  • Big demand for online scheduling.
  • The telephone system is a disaster.
  • Consider email scheduling?
  • Request for better volunteer rewards: 80GB HDs are too low.
  • Request for option for volunteers who already have computers: volunteer can grant their computer, in their name, to an organisation or individual or their choosing.

Online Scheduling

  • Open Source packages are available.
  • Online scheduling will tremendously benefit volunteers who already have frequent internet access over phone or in-person access.
  • The scheduler would need to be as simple as possible, or we risk creating even more software assistance work for staff.
  • Possible short-term goal: make online scheduling available to build/laptop volunteers as a trial run. Would be least disruptive and they would benefit the most.

Skills Database

  • Volunteers' pre-existing skills are underused. There needs to be a way to catalogue them and create workgroups to work on projects.
    • Examples: Marketing skills, business skills.
    • Volunteers would need a leader or a manager for the project: will be tricky without staff supervision.

Open Meeting Structure

  • Would be very nice to have remote meeting participation. Some volunteers need to drive huge distances to get to FG.
  • It might be worth considering something like a Twitch stream, where remote volunteers can type in questions/suggestions, to minimise disruptiveness of having teleconference calls.
    • Microphone setup will be tricky.
  • Title for the meetings: Open Community Meetings?