Non-Functional Hardware Sales Procedure

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  1. After receiving an email with all the required information, which is defined here, we need to then create a physical document with the applicant's information using the Open Office template found in the Forms folder of the staff group folder. The exact path is /net/groups/staff/Forms
  2. A meeting is then arranged with the applicant and two Free Geek representatives, either staff or directors to tour the applicant's facility
  3. During the tour of the facility the Free Geek representatives will fill out a next-tier vendor audit form, which is called "Next-Tier Vendor Audit Form.odt" and is found again the Forms folder within the staff group folder. The exact path is /net/groups/staff/Forms
  4. Upon a successful completion of the tour as well as the audit the applicant can then sign the agreement form which is then filed (where?)
  5. The applicant is then given a digital version of our "Hardware Follow Up" form which they then have to fill out for every piece of equipment sold to them for the purpose of repair and reuse.