Monthly Meeting - 2011-05-10

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, May 10th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Dave F, Jordan E, Luke C, Rod, Wayne, Geoff B, Ali, Devenne D, Tim A

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Jordan E

Scribe: Geoff B

Consensus briefing




Luke's been doing budget to actual each month, but there's a one-month lag time.
As of the end of March our revenue YTD is up 37% and expenses are 15% under.
Cash reserves are between 60 and 70 grand.
Each month's budget to actual is posted to the wiki as it's completed.


We've applied for the Service Canada grant for 2 summer interns the same as we did last year.


Build / Production

Incoming has been great.
We're fully stocked with build-fodder, hard drives, video cards and ram.
We were blessed by a number of corporate donors, and volunteers have been so efficient that the warehouse looks beautifully clean.

H & S

Everyone is safe :) No accidents except a couple of minor scratches.


   Dave is amazingly efficient. The next big change is going to be a case-crusher which will greatly reduce the number of skids we need for empty cases, and improve our revenue stream.
   Our fabulous carpenter has built new safer stairs up to Nirvana.


   One of our great volunteers who is into coding has been working on a script which will record the specs of each build machine.
   Luke added a Wishlist feature to the website which creates a ticket in Redmine for Tim.
   Tyler made a redundant DHCP server


   We've had more volunteers than work, due to increased efficiency.
   Tours have been relatively light depending on the weather.
   Rob wondered what the line was as far as libability and volunteer age.



   Tim's been working out the kinks in the POS. The database has been pretty well completed.
   Hope in Shadows photos have been put up on consignment from Pivot Legal.


   Wholesale is up in general, and has helped deal with sudden influxes in donations last week.

HW Grants

They're fairly steady. We only have about a half-dozen outstanding.




   Geoff has been talking to a group called Hammock Free School about letting them run a couple intro to Ubuntu workshops 
   Ali will look into our liability as far as insurance, H&S, and common sense when we're running workshops, Open Help Night, etc.... 

Events / Media

Ali will be presenting at the Mineral Resource Center of BC's event tomorrow at the VAG.


Staff / HR

   Jessica will be back on Friday.
   There are a handful of proposed policy changes regarding leaves of absence that need to be addressed by someone formally in a meeting in order to be adopted.

Directors / Governance

   Luke and Jordan ran our proposed bylaw changes past a lawyer who was very helpful.
   We're a little behind in getting the changes ready before the EGM, but hopefully they're be ready in time.
   Jordan is amazing! (Have you seen his pic on the volunteer wall?)

New business

The statutory holiday for Good Friday in future be taken on a Tuesday.


We discussed moving stat holidays in order to have long-weekends work better for us. The regular stat holidays are optimized for a M-F work-week. We decided no policy change is required, and anyone has the opportunity to suggest specific changes, even a year in advance, to the way we schedule. Volunteers and customers should receive at least 2 weeks notice of any schedule changes.

The statutory holiday for Good Friday be taken on the Tuesday on or before Earth Day.




   Jordan will check into the age and liability of volunteers. 
   Ali will look into our liability as far as insurance, H&S, and common sense when we're running workshops, Open Help Night, etc....

Should we give a set of keys to a volunteer for the purpose of closing on Open Help Night, if need be.


It was suggested that we could give a specific volunteer keys to the building in case they're needed to lock-up after Open Help Night. This ties in to potential concerns about liability after-hours, which Ali will look into before we think more about this idea.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door.


Facilitator: Wayne F Scribe: Tim