Monthly Meeting - 2009-09-10

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, September 10th 2009 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Facilitator: Chris Hooper
  • Scribe: Ali
  • Consensus briefer: Name


  • Name
  • Name
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  •  ???

Consensus briefing


Old business

Previous Commits

  • Director vacancy
    • Directors encouraged to attend and provide an overview of available options, and to monitor the meeting for liability issues. Then general membership will decide whether to fill vacancy at September meeting.
  • Changes to mailing list
    • Operations work-group to report on process decided upon.
  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)
    • Ashley to encourage participation from other directors.
  • Museum
    • Ifny will write up an intro on the wiki and deal with communications for groups that will be contacted.
    • Steve Jr., Jax, and maybe an intern will inventory and catalog items then move them into a smaller storage space. Ifny and Mike MM will facilitate.

Museum update

Conclusions on uses for the collection.

New business

Space opportunity

  • Presented by Ifny

We have an opportunity to expand our space. Photos and dimensions will be presented at the meeting.

Supply chain management software

  • Proposal from: Richard Frank Zverina

1. Can free geek vancouver consider researching and piloting a supply chain management software program?

Complete details of proposal available at

Posting DRAFT versions of meeting minutes

  • Proposal from: Richard Frank Zverina

2. To support operational transparency, consider posting DRAFT versions of meeting minutes within 24 hours, instead of waiting weeks/months/... for FINAL version wordings to be posted.

Complete details of proposal available at

Free Geek Vancouver's operational structure

  • Proposal from: Richard Frank Zverina

3. Consider summarizing and reviewing how free geek vancouver's operational structure specifically and precisely differs from other free geek organizations, in particular Portland (which seems to work well), and why vancouver continues to have self-generated self-imploding activity.

Complete details of proposal available at

Public forum code of conduct

  • Proposal from: Free Geek staff

Since this past spring, a public code of conduct has been in development on the wiki.


Free Geek staff have decided to adopt this code to guide their own public conduct. We would also like to ask the general membership to adopt this code as Free Geek policy.

This code will naturally necessitate other spin-off policies and procedures (for example, how ombudspersonship works, a mailing list message removal policy, etc), so there is still work to be done. We think that this code should be adopted as a living policy.


Next meeting

  • When: Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St, back door
  • Facilitator: Name
  • Scribe: Name
  • Consensus briefer: Name