Mass build fast track

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Initial preparation

Open machine, make sure harddrive exists and is plugged in.

Make sure there is 512 megabytes of ram.

Plug machine into KVM, so we can work on 8 machines at a time.

Plug in network into each machine.


Netboot the machine. Usually this means pressing F12 at the POST screen.

Select Hardware Testing

Wait for operating system to boot, then select 'disk wipe'. Enter your initials, and wait for awhile.

Start on next machine, get them all disk wiping.

When you see that the drive has passed, proceed to Operating system install.

If the drive fails, remove it and put in a tested good drive and proceed to next step.

Operating system install

Once diskwipe is finished, and successful (ignore errors about the failed optical drive), reboot the machine.

Select 'Install Ubuntu Hardy i386'

Wait for awhile.

When the install finishes, unplug the machine, put green tape on it with the label INSTALLED.

Set it aside to QC

Load up another machine and start over.