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Define target markets

Incoming donations-

  • Corporate- Any company large enough to regularly replace systems and peripherals. Focus on large scale companies with 'green' marketing.
    • Suggestion : Companies which may have frequent overturn of computers due to demand of use. E.g. visual design, telemarketers, CGI based companies
  • Public- Anyone who has a computer they don't want anymore! OR small functional groups such as religious based organizations or community programs

Volunteers- (able to enter our location)

  • Adoption Volunteers- low income families, marginalized groups and unemployed.
  • Build Volunteers- individuals with a desire to continue to learn beyond the 24 hours OR have an interest in learning how to build computers


  • Store- People able to physically enter our location
  • Wholesale- Business and individuals wanting to buy at least 5 identical units of an item.

Goals of Marketing Plan

Incoming Donations

  • To have a constant supply of quality machines and peripherals to both recycle and reuse. This supply would be separated into the streams of volunteer education and recycling which would provide part of our income.
  • To have community involvement and advertising to further expand Free Geek's growing reputation.
  • To help encourage both monetary and computer donations in the community.


  • To introduce individuals to our principles and concepts of ethical recycling.
  • To allow individuals to volunteer to for either education in computers, by volunteering and learning about the different components and facilitating other useful life skills.
  • To empower individuals to have the ability to own a computer and access technology freely.


  • To produce enough revenue from sales to allow Free Geek to be self sufficient and be constantly expanding Free Geek's operations in staffing, location, incoming and outgoing.

Marketing Materials

Social Media Strategy

Internet Marketing