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Location Mezzanine
Status Production
Warranty [Product is End-of-Lifed by HP]
Zenoss Link Need link


Vendor Hewlett Packard
Serial Number J6057A
Network HP JetDirect network interface (integrated)
RAM Unknown (Up to 192MB, we can probably stuff more in)
Drives Integrated Flash filesystem


OS HP LaserJet 5100tn firmware rev. R.24.08


Description IP Logical IF Physical IF MAC
Lan 00:01:E6:A9:42:6C


Description Device Mount Point Filesystem Size
No user servicable parts


Service Name Purpose and link to Service Page
ftp FTP server to submit print jobs
telnet Telnet interface to administer print jobs
http Web interface (not control)
https Web management and control interface (password is network root)
printer Network printing support for lpr/lpd
ipp Internet Printing Protocol support
jetdirect JetDirect printing support (port 9100)