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Print Material: The content of this page is also printed out and kept at the server rack. When significant changes are made to the wiki version please ensure the printed copy is updated as well.


This page is meant to document information about the various local servers and the services running on them.

When adding a new host create a new page named `article/Hosts/<hostname>` and use the template at Hosts/template then link to it from this page.

General Notes

At Free geek physical servers/network devices in production are named for varieties of trees. Virtual servers in production are named for elements. Physical devices for development are named for norse gods and virtual servers are named for varieties of cheese. Desktops are named for varieties of flowers.


Host Page IP Address Summary
Hosts/alder NFS, Backup
Hosts/elm Xen Server
Hosts/nut Router/Firewall, DHCP
Hosts/teak Xen Server
Host Page IP Address Summary
Hosts/freyja Xen Server

Virtual Servers

Host Page IP Address Xen Host Summary
Hosts/beryllium Hosts/elm Shell server
Hosts/boron Hosts/teak Puppet/DNS/LDAP master
Hosts/carbon Hosts/elm Monitoring
Hosts/cobalt Hosts/elm NFS for netboot
Hosts/copper Hosts/elm Asterisk PBX
Hosts/gold Hosts/elm Postgres DBs (FGDB, Point of sale)
Hosts/iron Hosts/elm Simple invoices
Hosts/lithium Hosts/teak Internal websites (files, kanban, preseed), TFTP server
Hosts/mercury Hosts/teak Public wiki
Hosts/neon Hosts/teak Rails websites (tasks),
Hosts/nickel Hosts/elm Internal cron scripts, public website
Hosts/nitrogen Hosts/teak FGDB front-end
Hosts/oxygen Hosts/fir CUPS server
Hosts/radon Hosts/teak FGDB
Hosts/silicon Hosts/teak demo ownCloud server
Hosts/sodium Hosts/teak unconfigured
Hosts/sulfur Hosts/teak Jabber/XMPP server
Hosts/thorium Hosts/teak Public mailserver
Hosts/tin Hosts/elm SSH Gateway
Hosts/zinc Hosts/elm LDAP/DNS slave
Hosts/blue Hosts/freyja Development
Hosts/camembert Hosts/freyja Puppet, DNS, LDAP
Hosts/oka Hosts/freyja Development
Hosts/roquefort Hosts/freyja NFS, Backup


Host Page IP Address Location
Hosts/rack.switch Core Switch, Server rack
Hosts/mezz.switch Core Switch, Mezzanine
Hosts/bathroom.switch Core Switch, Downstairs bathroom
Hosts/cave.switch Cave switch - For terminals and phones
Hosts/window.switch Store north-side switch
Hosts/nirvana.switch Nirvana
Hosts/roof.switch Warehouse bathroom roof