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Proposal Summary

Onyx needs to be removed as the space is required and the deadline for converting it into a refrigerator has been exceeded.

Proposal Details

  • [user:phillipbeynon] was asked in October if the Onyx could be made intoa refrigerator for use in the kitchen.
  • A December 1st deadline was set and has since passed.
  • Although a refrigeration expert has given me his consultation on the matter and ways to go about it, He hasn't made good on his commitment to provide a cooling unit so the project has lagged. --Phillipbeynon 21:49, 2 December 2008 (PST)
  • No standard refrigerator will fit within the existing frame.
  • I have been informed of several off the shelf alternatives that would accomplish the cooling required.

To implement this proposal

  • Option 1: Scrap the entire unit.
  • Option 2: On site build
    • Extend the time line and allow --Phillipbeynon 21:49, 2 December 2008 (PST) to:
    • Create a materials list and cost analysis, and
    • Complete the project on site.
  • Option 3: Off site build
    • Gut the Onyx removing all non essential components leaving the shell
    • Deliver it to Phillip's apartment where he can complete the project without any financial commitment.

Questions and Discussion for the Group

  • Which solution would be most effective in disposing of the parts in an environmentally conscientious manner.
    • Internals are mainly steel. Bezels covering sides and dors on front are Plastic.
  • Options 1, 2, and 3: Who will commit to gutting the Onyx?
  • Options 3: Once the Onyx is gutted, what arrangements can be made to tansport it off site.



Start date: 20081205

  • Front
    • Power supply modules
    • Power regulation Cards
    • Front fan assembly
  • Rear
    • IO ports
    • Data cables Keep intact for display
    • Rear fan assembly
    • Cards: RAM, IO, CPU These have been stored directly above the door to the kitchen for later addition to thw completed fridge.
  • Backplate and mounting assembly
    • Unscrew from case at front
    • Unscrew from case at rear
    • Remove side access panels
    • Remove internal mounting frame including backplane. Hit it repeatedly with large hammer.


  • Transport to Phillip's apartment for further wirk to conserve much needed floor space.
  • Remove vertical mounting rails
  • Clean thuroughly
  • Measure openings requiring insulation.
  • Repair hinge on lower door.
  • Prepare parts list.
  • Aquire secondary compressor for coolent circulation.
  • Map pinout of front display and control features.