Extraordinary General Meeting-2009-11-17 Director Nominations

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Free Geek's Board of Directors provides legal and financial oversight to the organisation, along with other opportunities for service. We have a vacancy on our current board.

  • Candidates can nominate themselves before or during the EGM.
  • Nominating someone else is permitted as well, before or during the EGM.
  • Candidates will have a chance to speak at the meeting and attendees will get to ask them questions.
  • Candidates are selected by consensus.
  • Directors' terms last until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM), and incumbent Directors may run again. The next AGM will be held in the summer of 2010.

If you are planning on being a director candidate at the Extraordinary General Meeting, please tell us a bit about yourself below, and notify the General mailing list with a link to your info. Please note that you will need to subscribe first in order to email the list.

Perhaps you'll want to provide a bio, resume, or links to present/past projects. You may want to reveal your superpowers, or charming Achilles heel.

You may also speak to these questions if you like:

  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?
  2. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
  3. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
  4. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.
  5. Current occupation and/or employment.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Geek!

Christopher Hooper

I am expressing my interest to join the Free Geek Vancouver Board of Directors to cultivate my involvement with the organization and the Intergalactic Federation of Free Geeks.

My background is in manufacturing—primarily the production, quality, and design of plastics—but messing with computers has been a long-time hobby.

I feel that sharing my knowledge and skills with other people, particularly regarding computers, leads to new and interesting experiences and opportunities, and I find volunteering is a great way to accomplish this. I have previously volunteered with the Royal British Columbia Museum, where I interacted with visitors from around the world, and with the student newspaper at the University of Victoria, which improved my writing and communication.

I have been a regular volunteer at Free Geek Vancouver for about a year, and half of that time as a support volunteer. My current involvement includes working at various workstations, attending outreach events, attending meetings, and editing pages in the Wiki. I hope by developing and improving what I am doing, and will do in the future at Free Geek, I can help make it a better place both for its community within, and the community beyond.

I am fully committed to Free Geek’s mission and am even integrating the spirit of its principles to the things I already do such as repairing electronics for friends and family, collecting discarded batteries (from home, at work, and on the street) for recycling, recycling materials at home and trying to reduce the amounts of those materials, and giving away items I no longer want to family, friends, or organizations involved in my community.

…and sometimes I am crazy enough to consider carrying the Free Geek banner to another city, though that is merely an ember within the bonfire.

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