Directors Meeting - 2018-01-12

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Directors meeting minutes for Friday, January 12th 2018 at 6:30pm
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  • Scott B
  • Rex B
  • Michele W
  • Diane R


  • Mike F
  • Jay R


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. City Contracts
  2. Working With Encorp
  3. Fundraising
  4. Siena Consulting
  5. Finances


City Contracts

  • Diane: This weekend, I will look into what contracts the city has open. You can submit bids online.

Working with Encorp

  • Jay: I was talking to the Senior Logistics Manager for Encorp before the holiday break: he knows us and is on board with helping us out.
    • I would like to propose to Encorp that they handle our pickups. We're able to offer a reuse option that they can't, so we can pull out what we can reuse from the shipments.
    • Argus can no longer do business with us. Ace Couriers is another option, but I haven’t received a quote from them yet.
    • The next step will be to write a proposal, and for Scott and I to meet with the Senior Logistic Manager. I want to do this in the next 2 weeks.
  • Mike: I think Volker has put in a ERPA application: not sure how much it costs or what the time line is. We can’t claim fees for anything that we reuse or resell.


Who What When
Mike and Rex Assist with writing proposal to Encorp. Within two weeks.


  • Diane: I’ve attended some classes on applying for grants. Who is in charge of whether or not we apply?
  • Michele: There’s no one person in charge, but I think it’s a good idea to apply for more grants.
  • Diane: I’m looking into applying for the Lush Charity Pot, as well as looking into Small Business BC.
  • Mike: I know someone who wants to help us out with lobbying government officials. She is working for CCGSD in Ottawa where she’s been organizing conferences and has been liaising with the government. For full disclosure: this is a relative of mine.
    • One of the suggestions Bodhan made was for us to start talking to the government within the year.
  • Diane: We should invite her to the joint Board/staff meeting.
    • When someone is speaking for the organization, they should have a letter detailing instructions and what her scope of authority is.
    • Has anyone thought about connecting with T-Net? They may be able to advertise us a bit.
    • We could also write a generic proposal to send out to companies to ask for support.
  • Michele: We should talk to London Drugs, since they used to receive donations on our behalf.
  • Jay: I spoke to their Logistics Manager. They get about 50 skids per month. We can’t handle that amount of volume.
  • Diane: That’s something we should mention to the city. We have to scale up in order to handle the amount of e-waste that’s out there.


Who What When
Mike and Rex Write a generic letter to ask for support. Within reasonable timeframe.
Jay Create list of businesses to contact. Within reasonable timeframe.

Siena Consulting

  • Scott: They’re going to help us with the bylaw rewrite.
    • They’re looking to form a business plan that can be pitched to investors so we have the liquid capital to put towards building.
    • They’ve asked for a 6-month cash flow projection. Karen and Volker worked on this, but they were told that it was missing information. Mahmoud said he could do a report for $200, but he’s in a time crunch.
  • Michele: Did they say what information they were missing?
  • Scott: No.
    • They also want to know if we’re all okay with reinvention rather than folding. Are the Directors all on board with reinvention?

Vote: All directors agree.

  • Michele: At the last board, the staff all said they agreed to reinvent.
  • Scott: They also said it’d be easier to approach investors if we had an Executive Director. It gives them a lead person to talk to.
    • Once they have all these documents together, they’ll write a business plan and a job summary for an executive director that we can use for hiring.
    • They’ve also proposed to put in 20 hours of pro-bono work to put together an advisory council to assist with these projects.
  • Michele: As long as they advise and not dictate, I think that’s a great idea. Vote?

Vote: All directors agree.

  • Scott: It’s possible we could recruit them, or use their contacts to get new board members.


  • Scott: I will schedule a meeting with Vancity to talk about the loan.
  • Diane: I’d like to minute that the GIC was liquidated, since this was decided via email.