Directors Meeting - 2017-07-20

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Directors meeting minutes for July 20th, 2017 at 6:30pm
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Minutes of the Free Geek Vancouver Directors' meeting held on Monday July 20th, 2017, 6:30pm at the Free Geek Vancouver Facility

Call To Order

Meeting commenced at 6:30, Jonathan facilitating and taking minutes


Nigel Cornwall (Pres), Cindy Liu (Treas), George Rosenberg (Marketing), Jonathan Marks (Sec).


Rex Brocki (VP), Cori Peterson (Volunteers).


Robert Pilkington, Michele White.

Staff/Director Discussion

Michele and Robert spoke about sales on Monday's not necessarily increasing net money, but rather appears to be taking away from sales on other days. Something(s) still need to be done to improve sales and reduce expenses. As having the shop open on Mondays was not providing the desired results, staff propose reverting back to not having the shop open on Mondays, and not keeping select new staff beyond their probation periods. Directors did not object to this proposal.

In light of Athenaise's resignation, George enquired about her progress on the Gaming Grant application, as well as the continuity and effort required to have it prepared by the submission date.

Nigel asked Robert and Michele if there was a response to his reply to Adrian's email to which most staff were signatories. Nigel said he was expecting a response, and an apology.

Michele and Robert committed to raise these last two matters at the next Staff meeting.

Staff excused themselves at 7pm.

Previous Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting June 15, 2017 were adopted unanimously without changes

It was agreed to address the Financial Report before Matters Arising

Financial Report

CCindy Presented the Financial Report for May 2017.

It was reported that despite an $11K loss for May, our net income for Jan 1 to May 31 was $4.7K. In discussion it was pointed out that $10K of of this income was from the Vancity grant - so if we account for revenue from sales only (that is only shop and warehouse operations), there is a $5.3K net loss.

It was also reported that as of July 18th, FGV has access to $56K in funds, of which $10K is the loan made by Vancity that needs to be repaid, That $10K loan needs to be allocated to initiatives that will return more than $10K so that we will be able to pay it back when it becomes due.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

Vancity / Propeller OCA

Nigel and Athenaise met with Sean from Vancity and reviewed the points of commitment from the OCA.

Marketing Strategy Progress / Establishing the Marketing Strategy Committee

  • ITECH Conference:* FGV is preparing to attend the ITECH exhibition again this year in November.
  • Vancouver Board of Trade Trade Show:* To be held on October 24th, cost $399.00 for an 8x8 booth. George recommends we purchase a booth and exhibit at this show.
  • City of Vancouver Recycling Events*

FG attended a recycling event on July 15th, and will be attending another on July 22nd.

Charitable Status

Nothing to update.

Eco Fees Beneficiary

Deferred to next Director's meeting as Rex was not here to speak on it.

Pop Up Shop in 200sq Ft space in Gastown

Nigel to coordinate with Staff, In light of recent staff changes, it is best to wait until replacement staff have settled in their roles.

Bylaws Subcommittee:

Staff do not see the urgency of getting the Bylaws ready for this AGM despite the recommendation in the Propellor OCA sponsored by Vancity. The next Bylaws Subcom meeting is deferred to after the AGM. eferred to next meeting, because of Financial and OCA requiring the remaining time allotted to this meeting.

New Business


AGM is set for Sept 7th, 7pm at the WISE Hall.

According to Clause 77 (1) of the Societies Act, General meeting notices need to go out no later than 14 days and no earlier than 60 days before the meeting. Jonathan plans to send the notice out with financial report from Cindy by the end of July.

Society Priorities

The directors have identified FGV's top priorities as:

   Staff Board Alignment - as addressed in the Propeller OCA report.
   Achieving Financial Stability.

Move to Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. Next meeting on August 17th, may be postponed should there be no urgent matters to address.