Directors Meeting - 2016-08-20

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Directors meeting minutes for Saturday, August 20th, 2016 at 3:00pm
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  • Rex B
  • Caelin M
  • Chenessa M


  • Michael D


  • Michael D


  1. HR
  2. Exiting Directors' Advice
  3. Financials



(in camera)

Exiting Directors' Advice

  • Caelin:
    1. Finish promotional materials for conferences/events
      • Needs finishing: tablecloths, vertical banner
      • Rationale: we need a more polished image
    2. Pre-plan to go to more events: get our name out there
      • Rationale: too many missed opportunities in relevant events we don't plan for, e.g.: Zero Waste conference in November
    3. continue with public posters of all kinds
      • Rationale: posters had measurable impact this year
    4. Recruit a graphic designer
      • We should consider paying someone, or
      • Find a less-busy student looking for experience and willing to donate time
      • Rationale: Ashraf might be too busy to stick to our deadlines, increasing need for graphics
  • Chenessa:
    1. Hire HR support person
      • Need HR manager on the ground at least 2 days a week, who is available when issues arise
      • Find someone in school? Coop placement? Retired? but: need someone experienced, professional
      • Rationale: Hard to manage HR issues remotely: requires lots of time, transport; volunteer HR lead has limited abilities/scope compared to staff's needs; all conflict resolution handled by HR director relies on second-hand sources and after-the-fact reports; some staff take on a disproportionate number of volunteer/customer issues
    2. Add performance management
    3. Add staff training
      • Non-violent communication/conflict resolution
      • Sensitivity/diversity
      • Customer service
      • Rationale: we ask staff to have these skills, but don't provide any training for them
  • Michael:
    1. Tune/add/rewrite Bylaws in November for new Society Act
      • Rationale: the Bylaws must be updated to conform to the new Act
      • Requires discussion and approval by Society
    2. Make changes to Bylaws for membership rules
      • Person informs staff/directors their intention to apply ahead of time (prevents surprises if the person can't become member for some reason)
      • Members register for the whole year, and renew after AGM
      • Members must volunteer 48 hours prior to application and each renewal
      • Allow Directors to reject applications/renewals if they provide well-argued reasons
      • When a member is banned (temporary or permanent), the Society must convene to decide if the member should lose their good standing, be expelled, or receive no additional discipline
      • Rationale: members' statuses are always clear, gives Society ability to discipline members, legally protects the Society against vindictive parties
      • Requires discussion and approval by Society
    3. Modify ban policy to specify that final warnings can only be issued for behaviours that the volunteer was already warned about
      • Volunteers shouldn't be banned for violating a different policy than their initial warning
      • Rationale: clarify the intended sense of the current policy
      • Requires approval by Society


  • Michael (quoting Nigel): Latest figures for this month are similar to last month's. Projection: annual $20k net loss, however this doesn't take into account any circuit board shipments or sales (e.g. Christmas). Nigel doesn't think it's going to be as bad as it looks. Will be surprised if we lose that much. More likely, we'll break even.
  • Michael (quoting Nigel): Langara business students gave us a ~180 page business report. Take away suggestions: remove consensus, raise store prices by 10%. Nigel's interested in the latter. A 10% increase in store revenue would cover our net loss.