Directors Meeting - 2015-10-06

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Directors meeting minutes for Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 at 6:30pm
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  • Rex B
  • Nigel C
  • Michael D
  • Caelin M
  • Chenessa M


  • Mike F


  • Nigel C


  • Michael D


  1. Reports
  2. New Hire Proposal
  3. In Camera Discussion
  4. Marketing Ideas



  • Nigel:
    • Store income increase this month over last year was $7k. Consistently, 50% of revenue comes from laptop and desktop sales. Large sale to film studio also contributed to good sales.
    • Store is lacking in qualified and consistent help: Michele had a volunteer assistant only 5 out of 22 work days this month.
    • Test promo video was filmed and edited, up on Youtube.
  • Michael: Reapplied Society status to Victoria, waiting on confirmation (might be a long time).
  • Chenessa: Working with staff to understand workflow and the gaps in coverage. Would like to see a bigger variety of staff covering store.

New Hire Proposal

  • Mike F:
    • There are talks about opening an extra day of the week. Laptops are at or are near capacity every week, and are just keeping up with the store's sales. Laptops sell faster than any other item, often sold out. New decision to buy batteries has been very successful.
    • I would like to hire my best builder from laptops as an assistant to Laptop production. This volunteer has been single­handedly responsible for the surge in Macbook production. New hire would cover laptop production while I'm covering other staff elsewhere.
    • Proposal: hire volunteer to work Tues­-Fri, from now to December, as a trial.
    • New hire's production would have to be self­sustaining, and pay for for the position's wage. Rough calculation: average pay, taking into account extra costs, is $18.4/hour, which at 4 days a week is $600/week. Average laptop is $130; 8 laptops averages $1040. New hire would need to make a minimum of 2 laptops/day to be self­-sustaining. This volunteer makes, on average, 2 laptops every 3 hours.
  • Chenessa: Wondering if more help in sales would be better use of funding.
  • Nigel: Admits it is possible store position will be overwhelmed in the future.
  • Mike F: Willing to make the position flexible; could cover other departments, like the store, when needed.
  • Michael: Concerned that other staff might feel that their department is in more need.
  • Mike F: Already talked to other staff, they approved the proposal.
  • Michael: Would feel better about this if there's help in desktop production too.
  • Chenessa/Caelin/Michael: Would like to see a rough schedule outlining when/where new hire would work, plus how store would be covered under this new arrangement.
  • Mike F: Agrees.
  • Chenessa: New hire cannot start until paperwork is done, so would need to start next week.


Who What When
Mike F Commit: Have a schedule prepared for the proposed new hire, and that it will be shared among the departments and directors. October 10th
  • Mike F Leaves

In Camera Discussion

(in camera)

Marketing Ideas

  • Caelin: Would like to see something done about frequent bulk donations of items in surplus; weekly sale of surplus items? Interested in seasonal sales/events, especially for upcoming Christmas. Considering something like "Geek it Forward": emphasis on used purchases as gifts.
  • Michael/Caelin/Chenessa: Brainstorm ideas: deal of the week, bulk sales, "adopt a computer."