Directors Meeting - 2015-10-06

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Public meeting minutes for October 10th, 2015 at
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Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Attendance: Nigel C (facilitator), Michael D (scribe), Caelin M, Chenessa M, Mike F


  1. Reports
  2. New Hire Proposal
  3. In Camera Discussion
  4. Marketing Ideas


Nigel: Store income increase this month over last year was $7k.

Nigel: Consistently, 50% of revenue comes from laptop and desktop sales.

Nigel: Large sale to film studio also contributed to good sales.

Nigel: Store is lacking in qualified and consistent help: Michele had a volunteer assistant only 5 out of 22 work days this month.

Nigel: Test promo video was filmed and edited, up on Youtube.

Michael: Reapplied Society status to Victoria, waiting on confirmation (might be a long time).

Chenessa: Working with staff to understand workflow and the gaps in coverage.

Chenessa: Would like to see a bigger variety of staff covering store.

New Hire Proposal

Mike: There are talks about opening an extra day of the week.

Mike: Laptops are at or are near capacity every week, and are just keeping up with the store's sales. Laptops sell faster than any other item, often sold out.

Mike: New decision to buy batteries has been very successful.

Mike: Would like to hire his best builder from laptops as an assistant to Laptop production.

Mike: This volunteer has been single­handedly responsible for the surge in Macbook production.

Mike: New hire would cover laptop production while Mike is covering other staff elsewhere.

Mike: Proposal: hire volunteer to work Tues­Fri, from now to December, as a trial.

Mike: New hire's production would have to be self­sustaining, and pay for for the position's wage.

Nigel: Rough calculation: average pay, taking into account extra costs, is $18.4/hour, which at 4 days a week is $600/week.

Nigel: Average laptop is $130; 8 laptops averages $1040.

Nigel: New hire would need to make a minimum of 2 laptops/day to be self­-sustaining.

Mike: This volunteer makes, on average, 2 laptops every 3 hours.

Chenessa: Wondering if more help in sales would be better use of funding.

Nigel: Admits it is possible store position will be overwhelmed in the future.

Mike: Willing to make the position flexible; could cover other departments, like the store, when needed.

Michael: Concerned that other staff might feel that their department is in more need.

Mike: Already talked to other staff, they approved the proposal.

Michael: Would feel better about this if there's help in desktop production too.

Chenessa/Caelin/Michael: Would like to see a rough schedule outlining when/where new hire would work, plus how store would be covered under this new arrangement. Mike: Agrees.

Chenessa: New hire cannot start until paperwork is done, so would need to start next week.

In Camera Discussion

(in camera)

Marketing Ideas

Caelin: Would like to see something done about frequent bulk donations of items in surplus; weekly sale of surplus items?

Caelin: Interested in seasonal sales/events, especially for upcoming Christmas.

Caelin: Considering something like "Geek it Forward": emphasis on used purchases as gifts.

Michael/Caelin/Chenessa: Brainstorm ideas: deal of the week, bulk sales, "adopt a computer."


Mike F commits to have a schedule prepared for the proposed new hire, and that it will be shared among the departments and directors by October 10th.

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Date: TBD