Directors Meeting - 2015-06-29

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Directors meeting minutes for Monday, June 29th, 2015 at 6:30pm
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Held off-site, at 1495 West 8th Avenue


  • Nigel
  • Trevor
  • Rex
  • Jodi
  • Kricket
  • Chenessa


  • Nigel


  • Trevor


  1. Previous Minutes
  2. Directors Reports
  3. In Camera
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business


Previous Minutes


Who What When
Board Consensus: Adoption of minutes of previous meeting held 28 May 2015. Now

Directors Reports

  • Nigel: Our goal of creating a charity requires us to develop specific programmes to set donations against.
  • Jodi: I'm concerned that the server room may overheat in this weather.
  • Nigel: Staff are aware and are dealing with the potential issue.
  • Desktop production is up. Laptop production requires batteries and this is being sourced.

In Camera

  • Review of video records provided by Kricket.
  • 4 of 6 directors did not see anything they considered suspicious.
  • All agreed that too much time has passed to take any action, and that the concerns raised by Kricket over the last year should be considered dropped.

Old Business

  • Kricket's ban
    • Kricket disagreed with process and wished to see ban overturned.

New Business

Prior Ban

  • John Weintraub requested that his lifetime ban be lifted.
  • Directors unanimously voted not to lift ban.

Onsite Cameras

  • Kricket noted that five of eight cameras purchased have not been installed, and that the camera viewing the back door is not functioning. She recommended further installations and suggested we hire a professional installer. An alarm system was considered and discounted due to cost.
  • Signs, etc.
  • Nancy will post signs advising volunteers to sign up as members.
  • Invitation to Canada Day at Victoria Park (Kitchener & Victoria).
  • Consensus that there was too little time to properly respond to invitation.
  • Jodi and Kricket expressed concern about the use of petty cash fund for unimportant or unneccessary expenditures.
  • Kricket expressed concerns of favouritism in staff determination of use of funds, and requested information on costs of renting truck after Adrian's presentation.
  • Jodi expressed concern that Nigel is restricting flow of information and is acting beyond his authority. She wants to see "raw data" and full financial records. She believes a full audit should be undertaken.
  • Jodi reported that since Nigel would not release ledger of petty cash expenditures, she had accessed server to copy the file and forward it to Kricket.