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Free Geek Vancouver Board of Directors meeting 12 November 2014, 7:30 pm


Attending: Nigel, Rex, Kricket, Trevor W. McKeown, Robert, Sidney, Jodi. Staff: Michael DuBelko, Michael Frost. Regrets: Patrick.

1. The agenda was adopted by consensus.

2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting was deferred until they are posted to the wiki.

3. Financial reports were distributed to directors. In short, revenues are down approximately $3,000 in annual net income from last year. Retail sales are down, while wholesale sales are up.

4. Directors' reports Kricket (Volunteer Program Lead): concerned that her signs for the volunteer helpline were removed. Michael D. apologized but noted that the locations where they were posted were not easily visible and there are already too many signs posted onsite. He has added the text of the poster to the message sent to new volunteers. Michael F. also noted that staff were not consulted before the signs were posted.

Sidney (Marketing Lead): suggested an advertised year-end auction which he will coordinate with Michele. He queried the process for requests for donations. Robert noted that an online form is to be sent to Adrian who will coordinate and facilitate. Michael noted that due diligence is used to confirm status of non-profit societies or social activists requesting donations.

Rex noted the costs of eBay sales. He will coordinate with Sidney and Nigel to secure free advertising. Michele will be consulted. Jodi stressed the importance of contacting city admnistrators.

Jodi questioned the length of the Christmas closing. Michael confirmed closure from 20 December 2014 to Tuesday, 6 January 2015.

Nigel proposed that Michele and Karen be sent to Free Geek Portland to research their sales programme at an expected cost of $600.

Kricket expressed her frustration that staff were imposing decisions on directors and her concern that the perceived value to the society would not justify the cost of a staff field trip at this time.

In response to Nigel's comment that a trip to Portland was a working junket and not a "boy's day out", Jodi expressed his discomfort with gender specific language. Nigel was contrite.

RESOLVED by Nigel to send staff to Portland. MOTION passed.

Robert (Warehouse): reported positively on warehouse staff but expressed concerns regarding the timeliness of pick-ups by Argus Carriers.

5. New Business

Setting up a Charity for Free Geek Nigel has negotiated $5,000 cost to set up a separate organization with charity status to accept tax deductable donations which would be passed on to Free Geek. This is a minimum six month process from the point that a submission is made to Ottawa.

RESOLUTION by Nigel that the Board endorse the creation of a tax deductable charity and promote its adoption by the membership. MOTION passed

Michael DuBelko then gave a presentation on developments over last four years, the growth and expansion of operations, and his emerging role as executive director in all but title. He is concerned that this is not his role. The non-hierarchial tradition in Free Geek's history has prevented the office from functioning responsibly. He believes that the non-hierarchial staff structure is not sustainable and in fact is more theoretical than reality in day-to-day operations. He noted that Free Geek Portland felt the need to restructure and unionize. He further recommended exploring options to increase staff and possibly appoint an Executive Director. Directors should be directing. He closed with a suggestion that the wiki should be used to maintain corporate history.

Jodi suggested that any additional staff member should be a teacher.

M.J. "Mac" McManus was then invited to speak in camera after which it was proposed that he be appointed to the board.

RESOLUTION by Trevor to appoint M.J. "Mac" McManus as Director (Safety Lead). MOTION carried

9. Adjournment: 9:25 pm.