Directors Meeting - 2014-07-28

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Directors meeting minutes for July 28th, 2014 at
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Attending: Kricket, Mac, Robert, Adam Regrets: Nigel Guests: Ifny, Brian

Scribe: Adam Facilitating: Kricket


The Gaming Grant - Ifny

Access grant deadline August 31st good grant because once you start getting it, it's easy to keep getting Look for “direct delivery programs” Ifny provided overview of what info would be needed for the application Ifny will email us a list of the kinds of details Where are we at for the next fiscal year budget, it would be needed for for the application Four representatives required for application: two officers (probably staff) and two directors Probably requires a separate account so the accounting for payments to a specific initiative is easy to track What about adoption class program: is this the initiative that we might pitch for funding

Volunteer and staff appreciation day

movie – projected outside fg slideshow Friday August 15th? Donated food (terra bread possibly) Small budget? Brian also interested in seeing more volunteer oriented events like movie-nights

Software committee

Ifny has some suggestions about how to get this started again Board (Mac) to talk to Tyler about re-activating the software mailing lists


many members requesting confirmation of standing Alec requesting good standing Board granting Alec standing

Board numbers

Have 5 directors, trying to cover 8? existing roles Board doing too much work “managing” What about a manager? Or a coordinator responsible for “consensus and collaboration”