Directors Meeting - 2014-03-03

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Directors meeting minutes for March 3rd, 2014 at
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Adam, Robert, Nigel, Mac, cricket,

Brian, John Weintraub

John Weintraub

John introduce himself, explains his past with freegeek, Mac will be responding by email.

Board discussion - in camera

Board consensus is to reinstate john with reservation, with condition of consensus with staff.

Budget 2014

Nigel goes over the budget, shortfall is $12,000 higher than shortfall in budget, total short full is $53,000, we need to build more computers for our retail, We need to make more than $43,000 a year to gain profit.

We need to advertise the store on craig-list.

Free geek can ask for donations when people drop off , we may be able to give a receipt for the service for processing the donated equipment.

Marketing update

Computers for schools has more computers, we need to retail sell

We are getting 5000 postage stickers of the freegeek logo to put on all stickers

Staff hours Spreadsheet database

Nigel got no response from staff in regards to his email asking them to check it out.

Setting up vm drive Brian will ask tyler to contact Nigel to set up

Charitable status

Brian will be working on that

New treasurer

Nigel sent email to Justin to meet and show him we are up to date and ask him if he will return.

Mac staff discussion

discussion in camera


To draft letter to people that this is a final date for toil for last year to dec 31st and this will Account for all overtime

Mac questions

Can we afford to look at new warehouse space? answer is no

Classes can we go off site?

Brian has done electrical we can move hard-drive station.

Mac no communication between shipping/receiving and the office about stuff we send and if we receive money back. mac will talk to tyler about redmined