Directors Meeting - 2014-01-27

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Directors meeting minutes for January 27th, 2014 at
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Nigel, Mac, Cricket, Adam, Also present (except for in camera part): Brian



Katerina Frost blogging to raise our social media profile Cell phone donations 1000 used, 500 new, expecting 200-300 more Cell phones (used) for seniors, but also now for victims of domestic violence Free geek sticker on every phone that goes out Parks board commissioner sarah blythe Recycling project around strathcona area Feb 12-14 Concerned about sales – wanting to have a better tally of units recycled vs sold Recycled materials equivalent weight of 2 busses Bit coin festival – cricket to attend Earth day in the spring – what are we doing for that? Geek day? Need more volunteers Advertise on craigslist Interesting to see how ride to conquer cancer advertises for volunteers Free Geek profile a chief concern Vancouver Giants interested in promotion opportunity Cricket has a little map to use as a model for circulating to get our profile out there Looking to get some income from grants this year


Let go of 2 recycling vendors because they were too expensive Now have 2 new ones – better relationship There exists a list of all of our current vendors – needs to be updated New racking New pallet lift to be acquired


Concerns about effectiveness of dismantle instruction board Positioned behind the volunteers Instructions might be too complicated Looking to simplify processes – look at assembly-line-ifing Need safety glasses, and looking for a good source – maybe Midland Gloves comes from local Watson Cricket starting a binder to collect ideas and suggestions from volunteers

Health and Safety

Netting installed between upper level of warehouse racking and dismantle bench to prevent things from falling off the racking onto volunteers Equipment inadvertently piled up in front of the first aid cabinet creating a serious risk – area in front of cabinet should be clear at all times – concerns addressed recently with staff Concern also expressed about volunteer safety at the dismantle bench Things piling up quite high around the bench area, posing risk for volunteers Neither Michael nor Adrian (while working at their desks) have a clear view of the volunteers at the dismantle bench bringing up concerns about adequate supervision of safe working practices (though it was acknowledged that staff are often out of their desks with an eye on this). Discussed value and possibilities to improve lines of sight Discussed protocol for addressing safety concerns There are a number of concerns about the upkeep of the facility (tidiness) Practice has generally been for people to bring concerns to one of the staff based either on their availability or the scope of their responsibility Realizing that this may not be comfortable or effective in every case, we discussed the possibility of taking concerns directly to a staff representative from the Health and Safety Committee with the understanding that they would work with the rest of the staff as necessary to see that issues are resolved One point of clarification – it is not within the Boards role to direct work at Free Geek; it is however, one of the chief responsibilities of the Board to make sure that the organization is achieving its goals and doing so in a safe and responsible way. In this way, it is part of the Board’s role to point out safety concerns and see that they are addressed.

Move Committee

Full out move not realistic until profile gets increased Split might be hard to manage right now Must have a sound understanding of our financials before we commit to any move Cricket to talk to a realtor to determine what market options are – will direct to Mac


To be moved on Sunday

Involvement with Surrey Public Library

Vanlog, Ubuntu Vancouver, Surrey Public Library host open help night 3rd Thurs of the month Might be good model for remote / satellite work

Education / Classroom

Portland has really developed their ed program Dedicated board person Dedicated classroom space Range of classes offered Revenue generation potential Could possibly use the cave Would require some effort to secure the laptop area – at the outset someone to stay and monitor the area Brian suggests a table configuration that would make it multi use Three levels of instruction Brian already knows some people interested in instructing Actionable tasks / commits? Curriculum for starter course for end of February Education intern coordinator


Priority to get the Job Description review process going again For some positions, roles and priorities are unclear right now Specific concerns related to Shipping receiving good receipt, billing, invoicing Build metrics and currently low desktop numbers


Cricket to circulate free geek map / poster Addressing safety concerns Nigel to get finances in order Adam connect to staff and get job d’s going again Clarify boards role in oversight Adam to communicate with Marcus and Staff about marcus Adam - minutes edited and posted Nigel phone stickers Nigel grant for 2014 Cricket to post letter on craigslist Brian – cave to classroom Mac – lift thing Mac – move server Mac – warehouse space Adam to follow up with Karen about TOIL