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COAST CAPITAL SAVINGS FOUNDATION A.) Community Economic Development Grants Description Coast Capital Savings is committed to enhancing the economic health of the communities in which they operate. Coast Capital Savings provides grants to facilitate various stages along a continuum of CED – from organizational development to community planning to implementation (project and/or enterprise development), and sponsors events and activities designed to support and advance the state of CED knowledge and expertise. Comments Three categories of grants available through Coast Capital Savings: 1. Community Planning Community Planning involves our direct participation in community-based multistakeholder processes that are designed to improve economic well-being, including specific focuses on poverty-reduction and economic development. 2. Project and Organizational Development Project and Organizational Development grants allow us to invest human and financial resources into non-profit organizations and toward the incubation of community-based CED projects. 3. Sponsorships Sponsorships advance the overall capacity of organizations and individuals active in the field of CED. Sponsorships include support for conferences, education and training seminars, and bursaries or subsidies to cover registration and/or the cost of attendance for our community partners. Contact Information Greater Vancouver Phone: (604)517-7000 Greater Victoria Phone: (604) 483-7000 Toll Free: 1-888-517-7000 Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm Website:

B.) Youth Leadership Description The Coast Capital Savings Foundation is dedicated to promoting its vision “To Create Waves of Opportunity with Youth”. The Foundation will focus its support on initiatives, programs and partnerships that build or enhance leadership skills for youth. Leadership skills are essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence and values that promote the goals of healthy behaviour. Comments The Coast Capital Savings Foundation invites applications for funding for programs whose objectives align with our area of focus: Youth Leadership: “growing strong, confident and healthy young Canadians. For these purposes, youth are defined as individuals under the age of 25. Deadline: March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st of each year. Organizations are limited to one funding request per year. Contact Information Deborah Tucker at Phone: (604)517-7581 or Glenda Hill at Phone: (250)483-8776 C.) Enterprising Non-Profits Description ENP is a funding program that provides matching grants to non-profit organizations in BC who are interested in starting or expanding a business. The program was established in 1997 in response to requests by organizations for support in the development of revenue-generating enterprises, as a way to stabilize and diversify their funding base, and enhance their programs or services. ENP program funding enables organizations to conduct planning activities related to the development of a business venture. Comments The program provides matching grants of up to $10,000 to between10 and 15 organizations annually. Organizations must commit matching funds for the business and/or organizational development process. Matching funds can be cash or in-kind. Contact Information Kyle Pearce, ENP Program Coordinator Phone: (604) 871-5477 Fax: (604)709-6909 Email: