Build Meeting - 2009-07-16

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  • Build Meeting 2009-07-15
  • Minutes: Alec
  • Attendance: Alec 240, Stephen 675, Peggy 1089, Kirby 852, David 751, Gregor 1067, Christine 654


  • No agenda; improvised:
    • Review of last minutes
    • Incoming builders
    • QC Protocol
    • Unfinished business

Review of last minutes

  • Christine and Stephen committed to go over pre-build assessment. This happened Saturday.
  • Stephen agreed to put together test box (random items for people to identify) -- COMMITTED, still needs to be done.
  • Alec: Documentation? Do we need more than the builder sheet? Stephen: Will document test box once that's ready.
  • Stephen: Will also document what the assessor needs to look for
  • Alec: What else needs to be done before assessors can be trained? Stephen: That should be it.
  • David: Need to train only a limited number of assessors so we keep consistent. Start e.g. with two.
  • Alec: OK, can we pick two? I can be one.
  • David has been guilted into becoming a pre-build assessor as well.
  • David: Is it pass/fail assessment? Stephen: Yes, but we can work with people if they fail.
  • Alec: When can we do this? When will the required docs be ready?
  • Stephen: Next thursday (23rd). Stephen will take David and Alec through the pre-build assessment. COMMIT.
  • Stephen and Christine agreed to go over Vancity grant to see what needs to be done. This was completed on Saturday.
  • Stephen has some coursework to develop with Jane. (e.g command line)
  • David: Can't we get the course material from Portland? Cecilia tried to get it but ran into difficulty. That would give us a good head-start. She is interested in a teaching role but needs to know what's useful for builders.
  • Alec: What else from the VC grant?
  • Stephen: We should start officially designating instructors.
  • Alec: We need to be able to track and control who is here for build instruction.
  • David: I used to come in on Wednesdays, but there is too much going on -- tours, adoptees, etc.
  • Stephen: We could move them to the Eastern end of the North-facing build desk?
  • David: Tours can be chaotic, but today's was good.
  • Alec: Will pass this along to Jane (who ran the tour today).

Incoming Builders

  • Stephen: We've had two people come in and start building (Michel and George). Good builders. They're in the book
  • Alec: How many do we take in and when?
  • Stephen: We have a back-log, so we may have an initial rush.
  • David: We need electricity and clean stations every day. New builders need to know to clean up.
  • Alec: Do our two new builders know that?
  • David: No. And the old builders aren't necessarily listening.
  • Stephen: Come and bug me if they don't listen.
  • David: The stations are deplorable, so why should they tidy up?
  • Alec: Maybe the build instructors should start the day by making sure the stations are clean when we start. If the horizontal surfaces are clear, there's still clutter behind and it'll spread.
  • David: The KVMs are a big problem. It adds a variable we don't need.
  • David: What about using flat panels instead of CRTs?
  • Alec: Are you proposing two screens per station?
  • David: Why not, or maybe just one setup with no KVM?
  • Alec & Christine: Like the KVMs; need them.
  • Stephen: Idea for barcoding machines.
  • Alec: Sufficiently far enough down the line to defer.
  • Alec: Do we want to consider buying consistent KVMs?
  • Stephen: Maybe too expensive.
  • Alec: Will research.
  • Alec: If you find a broken KVM, let me know (or fix it or let Stephen know)
  • Alec: Back to how many builders and how to schedule.
  • Alec: Suggest that we need to schedule build instructors on the calendar.
  • Alec: I've been emailing Stephen if I haven't been able to come in on a Thursday. Suggest some way of maintaining a list of build instructors so that schedulers know who will be instructing (i.e. so we can schedule appropriate numbers).
  • David: Is Jessica doing all scheduling? No -- ideally eventually but not yet.
  • Alec: How has it been for days when Stephen is running build?
  • Stephen: There are other people I can rely on to help. e.g. Devenne.

QC Protocol (David)

  • David gets fed up doing staff QC; the boxes are often not ready (e.g. drives set secondary). Basic stuff.
  • Stephen: Has this been documented? Maybe not.
  • David: Also things like cards being installed that shouldn't (modems).
  • David: Suggest getting one of the build instructors to have a cursory glance when someone finishes building for instant feedback (at least for initial builds).
  • All agree!
  • David: What's the protocol for this (making sure that builders know to ask us to look)?
  • Alec: New builders will be instructed.
  • Stephen: Also need incoming build documentation to capture this.
  • David: This would be a good resource for them to read.
  • Alec: We need to make sure we're identifying systemic gaps in the staff QC process so it doesn't keep happening.
  • Stephen: We also need to write volunteer number for the QCer on the builder's build sheet entry for the machine.

Unfinished business

  • Alec: Survey for exiting builders?
  • Stephen: Not done yet.
  • Kirby: I find the high-mounted screens hard on the neck.
  • Stephen: Could put small LCDs on the bench or mount on the desk somehow.
  • Alec: Will look at refurbishing the southeasternmost station (including KVM).
  • Stephen: Ramping up grant program; need to do staff QCs.
  • David: Have a friend with a grant in several months ago; heard nothing. Frustrating.
  • Christine: This came up during the monthly meeting; being addressed.