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Bringing home your computer

    Our boxes/laptops all come with a default user called OEM. The OEM password is oem. When you boot up your computer it will automatically log in as the OEM user. This user is meant for temporary usage, and should not be used long term.
     To get rid of OEM, and personalize the computer, you need to run the "Prepare for shipping to end user" icon located in the upper left of the Desktop. After you doubleclick this, it will ask you for an administrator password. This password is the same as the OEM user password which is oem.
    After you enter the password it will tell you that the script is done. You will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

After you restart you will need to answer some basic questions like: What city do you live in? This is for time zone purposes. Vancouver is on there. What language do you want and what keyboard. You will want to pick US English for normal keyboard operation. If you pick Canadian the keyboard will become French Canadian and things won't work the way you would expect. It will ask for your name. In future, this name will appear in the top right of the desktop. Pick a user name (lower case with no spaces) and password

Things to remember

Help: The Ubuntu help section is really pretty good. On the top left side of your desktop, click System > Help and Support. If that fails, you can also try a Google search, as there are many forums out there where people get and give help. Or, come to a Linux Clinic (see below). Please note: We cannot offer technical support during the workday.

Windowsless Wednesday/Linux Clinic: Free Geek runs a free drop-in help night every Wednesday from 6:30pm-9:00pm (come in the back door at 1820 Pandora St.). You can ask questions about how to use specific programs, or get help with other problems or questions you might be having. There are also other ongoing workshops at Free Geek; check our website for details. Please note

DVDs: Many DVDs have proprietary encryption that doesn't play in a default Ubuntu environment, and in order to play them you need to install additional software. If you have trouble playing a DVD, you should read the following section: Go to “Applications”> UBUNTU software center > Search “DVD code UBUNTU restricted driver” and install. Now your DVD's should play!

Software: Your old Microsoft software will not work in Linux. You can try programs like WINE, that run software found in the Windows Operating System.

Word processing: When saving documents in Open Office, you can choose the format to save in (.doc, .odt, etc). There is also a built-in pdf exporter, if you want to send non-editable documents that will preserve your formatting no matter what kind of computer they are read on (good for resumes for example).

Internet: Broadband/ADSL - Installation CDs supplied by Telus and Shaw will not work. You don't actually need them to setup your Internet connection. Shaw is a bit easier that Telus, and you really shouldn't have to change any settings on your Linux computer. Dial-Up: Be aware that many modems will not work with Linux. Our thrift store carries tested modems that are compatible with Linux.

Good luck!

~The Free Geek Team

Free Geek Vancouver Free workshops, drop-in nights and skill shares on free software. First Wed of the month 7-9:30 is Windowsless Wednesday/Linux Clinic. Check the website for events or join the Announcement mailing list. Ubuntu Linux Free operating system that we use on our computers Ubuntu Forums Lots of help about installing and running Ubuntu. Very active forums – 60,000 active members, hundreds of thousands of threads Free Software Foundation An organization that works to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all free software users News updates, forums Get Deb Software for Ubuntu Linux. Information and reviews of interesting, useful and popular free software. Women in Technology

OSALT Open Source as Alternative List of free and open alternatives to proprietary software

Wine Adds a compatibility layer for running Windows programs in a pinch. Google! Often people have had the same question as you, and the answer has been posted online too.