2009 AGM Agenda

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Welcome & Warmup

1. Introductions/attendance/roles <5 min>


Regulator: Luke Closs


Consensus Intro:

Minutes Checker:

Time Checker:

2. What is consensus?

3. Welcome <2 min>

4. Haiku-rama <15 min>

Warm up to get the juices flowing & meet your neighbour. In pairs, people collaborate on a haiku (3 line non-rhyming poem) or two about FG, compooters or anything else
First line has 5 syllables, then the next 7 syllables, then the last 5 again. (E.g. "free" has 1 syllable, "soft-ware" has two)
We listen to beeps
Watch the sunset, push buttons
Another day done.


1. Description of current governance, members <5 min>
Q&A <5 min>
2. What is consensus? <2 min>


1. Financial - Presented by Sean H. <15 min> Includes Q&A
2. Communications/Events/Outreach/Workshops - Presented by Ifny L. <15 min> Includes Q&A

Directors Selection

See 2009 Directors Nominations to view those candidates who have already nominated themselves.

1. Current directors introduce themselves, announce open positions <5 min>
2. Discussion
role of the board <15 min>
1. Presentation of legal rights & responsibilities, with Free Geek flavour- Presented by Ifny
2. Discussion
3. Candidates nominate and introduce themselves <3 minutes each>
They may speak to these questions if they like:
  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?
  2. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
  3. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
  4. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.
  5. Current occupation and/or employment.
4. First round discussion
(candidates in the room) <20 min>
-Q & A (once all candidates are finished introducing themselves)
5. Second round discussion (candidates retire)
-Candidates leave the room
-Remaining group discusses each candidate
-Group arrives at consensus (hopefully) on new director appointments to available slots
No notes or minutes are permitted to be kept during this time

Changing of the Board

-Candidates re-enter. Consensus of the group is announced.
-Board accepts the consensus of the group.
-Current board's last action is to accept candidates supported by membership, after which they step down.
-New board members are inducted.

Closing and Adjournment

-Souvenir I survived an FG AGM t-shirts distributed ;)

Special Resolutions