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Our monitoring is done by the Zenoss Monitoring Suite. Currently located on Hosts/carbon at port 8080. To gain access to the system please contact one of FreeGeek Staff.


Most of our devices are located in /Device/Server/{Linux,OpenBSD} or /Device/Network/Swtich. Once you have selected a host you can view RRD graphs via the "Perf" tab, SNMP trap events or System Alerts via the "Events" tab, and essential services via the "OS" tab


Email alerts happen only on Critical severity events. Emails are sent to jordan

Interface speed issues

The default Net-SNMP Daemon on ubuntu does not run with sufficient privileges to correctly detect interface speed settings. Therefore it defaults to 10 BaseT. There are two fixes available, run the daemon as root or use the script from to manually set the interface speed.

To Do

  • external ping test
  • ping gw test
  • ldap authentication