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Some ideas, please add more or comment:

  • "Introduction, Intermediary, Expert" (but experts can be annoying.)
  • "101, 201, 301" (common standard, but offputting to those who may not like the academia sanctimonia connotations)
  • I, II, III (sensible, neutral, a little yawnie, but Latin!)
  • Dan ranking, a Japanese level system.[1] It's used with fine arts (flower-arranging) and games (like Go), as well as Judo and Jujitsu. More about Dan
  1. shodan (初段:しょだん): first degree black belt
  2. nidan (二段:にだん): second degree black belt
  3. sandan (三段:さんだん): third degree black belt
  4. yodan (四段:よだん): fourth degree black belt
  5. godan (五段:ごだん): fifth degree black belt
  6. rokudan (六段:ろくだん): sixth degree black belt
  7. nanadan (七段:ななだん): seventh degree black belt (also, shichidan)
  8. hachidan (八段:はちだん): eighth degree black belt
  9. kudan (九段:くだん): ninth degree black belt
  10. jūdan (十段:じゅうだん): tenth degree black belt

I like this because it's easy to pronounce, and for that strange affinity between geek + Japanese chic. Ifny

[1]You notice they all end in -dan. In Japanese, counter words have to be added to the number amount of a thing, depending on what category the things counted fall into. Things tend to be categorized by notable quality, most often shape. You can't tell tell the pizza place how many pizzas you want unless you know what the counter number is for pizza (or things pizza shaped). Long skinny things (harpoons or stilts) get one type of counter word, thin flat things another (drywall or paper), machines another, minutes another. In other words, 3 long skinny objects have a different suffix tacked on than 3 things that are humans. I don't know what the connotation of -dan is, but because it's a recent word, I'm guessing not much. Like 'level' or something similar. Ifny 21:41, 9 May 2008 (UTC)