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Free Geek provides open WiFi for anybody to use in addition to our own internal testing and demonstration needs.


We are currently running two access points. They are both installed as bridges on VLAN 6.

AP Name Location Channel Purpose
Free Geek Warehouse Top of Warehouse bathroom 1 Store and Warehouse WiFi access
Free Geek Laptop Build Laptop Build Bathroom 6 Laptop testing and evaluation
  • At the time of installation channel 6 was the most commonly used in the area.

Configuring replacement AP

To configure a replacement AP as a bridge:

  • Unplug all Ethernet cables
  • Reset it to factory default (press reset button on back for ~10s)
  • Connect to router through its default IP (depends on brand; usually
  • In the router's firmware:
    • Change router's local IP from its default to the appropriate internal IP: for Laptops, or for Warehouse
    • Disable DHCP server/service
    • Set the WiFi channel: 6 for Laptops, 1 for Warehouse
    • Set WiFi security to disabled
    • Plug Ethernet cable from switch to router's LAN 1 port; DO NOT plug it in to the WAN/Internet port

To connect to the AP if you disabled DHCP but forgot to set the local IP:

  • Plug in a computer's Ethernet to any of the LAN ports on the AP
  • Click on Ubuntu's internet icon, then on "Edit Connections"
  • Edit "Wired Connection 1"
  • Under the IPV4 tab
    • Change "Method" from "Automatic" to "Manual"
    • In the "Addresses" section, click "Add"
    • Enter or (depending on AP), leave Netmask and Gateway default
  • You can now enter the AP through its default IP