Volunteer Coordinator position

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This position is part of a worker collective in a consensus-based organization. You will be responsible for most aspects of volunteer coordination, support and training at Free Geek during daily operations.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Orient volunteers to Free Geek Vancouver operations to familiarize volunteers with safety procedures and goals of organization.
  • Train volunteers to work in most areas at Free Geek. This may include working with volunteers in the receiving/donations area, recycling/dismantle areas, and the thrift store.
  • Teach volunteers basic computer skills and basic computer hardware identification.
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers to do daily tasks; create and implement a system for coordinating support roles and internships.
  • Maintain and update volunteer related paperwork, including volunteer application, schedules, orientation packet, etc.
  • Actively identify operational problems and work with staff and volunteers to create and enact solutions.
  • Communicate regularly and proactively with other Free Geek coordinators. Participate in the collective management structure, including, but not limited to, updating and creating organizational policies and procedures as decided by the FG Staff consensus process. Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Conduct regular volunteer orientations; improve volunteer induction and coordination.
  • Create events and systems for volunteer recognition and rewards. Create system for filing/addressing volunteer complaints; solicit feedback from staff and volunteers.


  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to analyze a problem, create the steps to fix it, and follow through on the plan that was created.
  • Strong experience managing volunteers, students or other human resources; able to delegate to others.
  • Enjoy and have experience working with a variety of people, including, but not limited to, disadvantaged individuals, people from varied cultures and individuals with disabilities.
  • Ability to work in an informal, friendly environment.
  • Aptitude for multi-tasking; patient, flexible and positive-minded.
  • Be a self-starter, able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Assist, back up, or fill in for other staff when circumstances warrant.
  • Participate in outreach, community relations, marketing, and educational events or projects.

Other Relevant Skills

  • Computer hardware knowledge useful (but not entirely necessary)
  • Current Occupational First Aid certificate