Volunteer Coordination Meeting - 2010-02-11

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This meeting was moved forward to Thursday 18th Feb.

  • Attendance: Jessica, Chris, Zachary, Brian, George.
  • Consensus Briefer- Chris
  • Facilitator- Chris
  • Scribe- Jessica


Jessica- Volunteers have been high and tours big, with a slight decrease due to the olympics. We have moved the printer testing station to make more room at receiving. Joshua is our new hire as Production Coordinator and will be training volunteers at receiving most days.Jane is a temporary hire and has been covering the volunteer coordinator position occasionally.

Previous commits

  • Each station needs safety pointers, perhaps a safety board for each station. -These safety pointers need to be put into the manuals. -Color coding stations (In progress/done)

New agenda items

  • Eval: Brian would like to see a good example of a pciE slot and blown cap example. Jessica and Brian commits to making this happen. A wishlist of weird items for hardware boards next to the hardware boards could be useful.

  • Schedule: Chris raised concerns about first timers signing up for stations they are not able to do. Jessica expressed agreement and noted that more training needs to be done on this. Ultimately it would be great to have the schedule online, it was noted that the internet isnt accessible to everyone. This is something to look into the future.
  • Point of order about mailing lists- when do we get reminded of meetings. It is supposed to be the person who coordinates the workgroup and they are meant to be reminded one week before a meeting and then the day before.
  • Next Meeting March 11th 2010 at 6pm in the warehouse (use back entrance)