Volunteer Coordination Meeting - 2009-11-12

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Free Geek Volunteer Coordinator Meeting - 2009-11-12


  • scribes: George
  • Facilitator: Jessica
  • Moderator: Geoff


  • George L
  • Chris H
  • Geoff B
  • Jessica MP
  • Brian K
  • Devanne D
  • Sid S


Support Volunteer

  • Improving on teaching board
  • Cleaning
  • Improve lighting in card sorting/dismantle
  • More task list on stations
  • Explainations
  • Stations can be broken down to make it simpler
  • Introduction of Music
    • Preferably family friendly


  • She was and still is Volunteer Coordinator, but on long term leave.
  • Jessica is interim.

Last Meeting

  • Last actual meeting is March 12, 2009
  • How volunteering had changed since then:
    • More people coming in on Build
    • Volunteer Intern
      • Volunteer/Unpaid, but do have more obligations, duty
    • Feels like more volunteer support each other. Everyone is more cohesive
    • Quite a lot of confusion (one minute you are collecting that, the next is scrap/keep)
    • Stock level change
    • bigger warehouse

Concensus briefing



Build Volunteer

  • Tidy up the build bench
  • Build the machines
  • Help the store
  • Record keeping
  • Responsible on teaching on stations.
    • In fact is suppose to be a prerequsite.
    • Currently it was more for build instructor.
    • Is important nonetheless.
      • Help in technical stuff.
  • Some people are good at doing but not teaching.
  • Perhaps support volunteer should also get a tick mark ala Build sheet.

General Volunteers

  • Basically run the show of FG
  • Drives our production
  • Always trying to make it so they are able to learn.
    • Beginner volunteers are not going to be cleanign the bathroom or answering the phone.
  • Functionally: Learnign and teaching

What makes a good support volunteer

  • Experience at freegeek AND about Freegeek
  • Help explain our stuff, what we do, why we do, etc.
  • A floater(?) but more in terms of checking people's confidence around stations
  • Teach adoption classes/other support volunteers
  • Have workshop for general training (not technical/build oriented training)
  • Know about our recycling procedure
  • Bring in their iPods
  • Think of ways to simplify stations.
  • Have them schedule so that at least at a part of the day
  • Have them scheduling on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Idea to Improve Volunteering


  • Hard to go around it.
  • Some people do not know; see them as conflict, which is bad!
  • It's liability, but also design for teaching other people (never one person is teachign and another maybe teaching somethign else)


  • Maybe color code the workstaion?
    • Just make sure it won't be affected by color-blindness!


  • Build should have Tool Kits to sign out.
  • Having a board to put pictures up of people graduate from Build program?
    • Since we have gate, no worry of vandalization.
  • Just have a toolkits on the shelve, with sign out sheet?
  • Special doo-hickeys
    • The instructors will have them?
  • Issue: what if people jump around the stations through ut the day?
    • Tools kits can get lost, will be problematic.
  • Some kits are universal, too.

Cluttered Island

  • Basically have everything unknown placed in there.
  • Not a good idea?
  • As long as it's cleaned out from time to time (temporary), it's good.
  • Or: have receiving look at it? Make sure it flows and not just sitting there.
  • Usually the one that have odd stuff is to give it to have receiving.
  • Need a staging area for the really weird stuff.
    • Lots of stuff is hard to categorized.
  • Also, should not move stuff to similar place on other station.


  • Also issues with compliance issues
  • Also, have an overview. Allowing people to know about each stations in a good way.
    • Provide knowledges of the details
    • Keep in simple, too!
  • Some people are prefer reading; some people prefer personal.
    • whiteboard good compromize
  • Updating wiki will be difficult.
    • The wiki need to be bookmarked, too.
    • Wiki update is optional.
  • It is important to not let people get catch off guard.
  • Terminal should be multi (regular) functional instead of intranet only
    • We are running on a good-will.
  • Splinter hazard - seal the tables?
    • Currently gloves are mandatory
  • Nails are coming up on the new tables of the warehouse. Need to be take care of pronto (eg hammering, etc)
  • Support volunteers, while should not over complicate stuff with technical, should also not be afraid to teach them technical stuff.
  • Also should be one role only(Not be both build and support)?


  • Instructors (whether build or Support) should know all stations and know how to teach them.
    • Change the build sheets to show that new build are capable of doing AND teaching the stations
      • Leave the Legacy Build Volunteeers instructor stay in unless they are/will be instructors.
    • knowing relevant stations
    • Combine: Eval, Predismantling, Card Testing
  • Have meetings for support volunteers once a month?
    • Try not to be afterhours (people are tired)
  • Maybe two seperate days instead of one long day
    • Also, what if they are busy?
  • Once a month, having training workshops. Can be during day time.
  • Do training as a group

  • Making a "help box" in receiving


  • Make a binder for support volunteers
    • Write down what they are good at, enjoy teaching, etc.
  • (operation) investigate having terminals in the warehouse
    • Figuring out what need to be put on, what kind of access is needed.
    • Study concerns with non-freegeek material and figure out how to deal with it.

Next meeting

  • Thursday Dec 17th 2009 @ 18:00