Staff Review Consent Form

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This is only a preview of the actual form! (If there is any discrepancy between the text below and the actual pdf, the pdf shall prevail.)
To print out this document for signing, use the Staff Review Consent Form

I, _____________________________________, acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of my employment with Free Geek Vancouver (“FGV”) are governed by, among other things, the relevant policies and provisions of FGV, as amended from time to time (together, the “Policies”).

I further acknowledge that I have been provided with the opportunity to read and review the Policies and understand that:

a) my employment is subject to regular performance reviews which shall be conducted by my peers, including other staff members and Directors, facilitated by the FGV Human Resources workgroup;

b) the process of performance reviews necessitates the sharing of performance-related information, which is personal information about me, with those involved in the performance review process;

c)performance reviews may result in decisions being made by others, including staff, which will affect my continued employment with FGV; and

d) in addition, irregular reviews, evaluations and decisions regarding my status and continued employment at FGV may be undertaken on a contingency basis.

In order to facilitate the process of ongoing evaluation, peer reviews, and my employment status determination, I hereby consent to the disclosure of personal information relevant to my performance as an employee of Free Geek to those persons involved in evaluating my performance, including other staff members, Directors and member of the FGV Human Resources workgroup, which personal information shall be used specifically for purposes of performance evaluation; and

I further acknowledge and agree that I shall maintain the confidentiality of any personal information of others disclosed to me for purposes of performance evaluation and that I shall not, save and except for the purposes of the performance evaluation, disclose the information to any other person, either during my employment with FGV or at any time thereafter.

I acknowledge that I provide this acknowledgment, consent and agreement in exchange for good and sufficient consideration, received by me on the date set out below.

________________________  Date