Staff Meeting - 2010-11-05

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Staff Meeting minutes for Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 12:00pm
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Attendance: Luke (facilitator), Luke (scribe), Jessica, Reegan, Tyler, Mike, Chris, Luke, Alishams

Proposed Staff Handbook

Luke goes over it point by point. Everyone understands and approves, with the following issues:

  • Cap time off at 15 days / 5 days, rather disallowing than yearly rollover. This way, it is possible to take a week off in January, for example.
  • Vacation, personal days should have a 3-month waiting period, just like benefits.
  • Employees and directors should just sign in / out on the volunteer sheets

CONSENSUS: The new policies and procedures are good, and should be taken to general for final approval.

COMMIT: Luke will make the changes, and send out the proposal to General.


As of now, employees are working the following days of the week:

  • Jessica 5
  • Reegan 5
  • Mike 5
  • Tyler 3 (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday)


  • Jessica: Outreach, Volunteer Coordination
  • Mike: Receiving, Store opening, Supplies, General repairs, Health & Safety, Pickups
  • Reegan: Warehouse, Recycling (Store open/close backup)
  • Tyler: Sysadmin, Laptops, Solving problems of high geekery
  • Ali: Windowless Wednesdays, Some tours, Store occasionally
  • Chris: Benefits, HR/Payroll, Meeting minder
  • Luke: Finance, Odd-ball sales, Website & marketing materials, Bylaws
  • Jordan: BAN/Recycling policies, Building relationships with other orgs
  • Jax: BAN/Recycling policies, store consulting