Staff Meeting - 2010-09-16

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Staff Meeting minutes for Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 12:00pm
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Attendance: Jordan (facilitator), Luke (scribe), Jessica, Reegan, Jax, Chris, Mike, Jordan, Luke, Tyler

Staff Roles

Chris: Need to go through the handbook and clarify staff roles.

Luke: Staff roles have become more general in the last 2 months. We need to reflect that in the wiki. What does everyone actually do, day-to-day?

Mike: Only has been working on Saturday. Does receiving, bench maintenance, answer technical questions or direct people to the appropriate person. Runs the floor. Sell macs and mac-related things. Runs the store for Windowless-wednesdays. Help Reegan in warehouse. Train people on mac repair. On watch for health & safety concerns. Driving as necessary for transportation. Works in the store sometimes too.

Jessica: Starts store, build station, phone station (makes sure there are volunteers). Orientations. Hardware grants. Outreach about 3 times per month. Adoption classes 1 or 2 times per week. Cleans areas as necessary. Orders supplies (cleaning, gloves, stationary, etc.). Answer phones. Enter volunteer intake forms. Lots of volunteer assessments, evaluations, references, probation assessment.

Reegan: Warehouse. Coordinate pick-ups. Sort recycling (value vs. no value). Receiving sometimes. Work with volunteers for quality-control of recycling. Answer phones. Locks up, brings in signs. Store cash-out. Store coverage as needed (not much anymore). Find new recycling channels. Record daily tallies for incoming, manifests.

Tyler: At this point I'm responsible for over seeing laptops and fixing servers, I haven't been doing much else lately. I've been covering the floor tasks. Anything but the store.

Jordan: What part of your job are you stressed out about?

Mike: Overworked in receiving, testing, sorting.

Jessica: First 30minutes of every day is terrible, because people don't show up right for 11. Suggests a staggered opening where we start at 10:30am but the store doesn't open until 11am.

Reegan: Volunteers in unrelated areas asking what they're supposed to do prevents him from doing anything.

Tyler: Can't seem to get people to teach laptops. I'm not good at getting people to do stuff, like delegating.

Jessica: Proposes that business hours be 10:30 until 6:30, but that stores remain the same.

Chris: Reminds us that noone shall be onsite alone.


New Staff & Hours

Luke: I juggled some numbers and I hoped we could find money to hire another five days. We do two or three with the remainder of that five in a month. Options that are clearly in need are bringing Mike in from one day to three days and some paid person to focus on production / store.

Jordan: Thinks we should bring Mike from 1 day to 3 days per week. He should also take on the responsibility of booting up the store each day that he is here.

Mike: Likes the idea.

Jordan: Proposes to increase Mike's days from 1 to 3.


Jordan: For the store, we should have more unpaid internships and then think about hiring someone part-time at some point in the next couple months.

Luke: Perhaps we shouldn't have a single position, but keep a committee as we currently have (because it's working now).

Jessica: Agrees.

Jax: We still need to agree on policy to maintain consistency.

Tyler: Run it like build instructor.

Jordan: Let's do this for "Production Coordinator Intern"

Benefits & Remuneration

Chris: CostPlus currently has no limit (that I can find). We should at least put a limit on it. Also, we need 3 employees enrolled in order to keep this. We would have to change our criteria to allow more employees to qualify. Also, the premiums are likely to double soon.

Mike: There is lots in the plan that we do not need.

Jessica: Thinks we should get rid of it altogether.

Jordan: Would like to see staff keep their medical plan, but perhaps make it more basic.

Chris: Likes the idea of getting rid of it altogether.

Mike: Wants to know how much it would raise the wage.

Luke: I strongly want health plan. Make it available to all, if possible. If something should happen, well, thats what its for. And its well worth it in that circumstance, so, I don't know how to handle your (mike) question, but I estimate that at $1000 a month split four ways it would be $200 each a month, roughly.

Mike: I thought it was $300,

Jordan: We need to know what our premiums are a month.

Chris: $150, for each enrolled person.

Jordan: Do you two reegan and tyler want it.

Tyler and Reegan: Yes

Luke: Proposal, chris look into BBD, cost analysis and let staff decide if they want wages or plan.

Mike: The basic package includes percentages, is this true?

Chris: I side with you Jordan, I want to have a basic package.