Staff Meeting - 2010-06-11

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Staff Meeting minutes for Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 12:00pm
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Attendance: Jamie (facilitator), Jessica (scribe), Mike, Jessica, Geoff, Jamie, Mariam, Luke, Connie

Previous Commits

  • Mike to buy vaccume- 6 week rolling- commit by wed.
  • Luke will take sofware policy to next general- July.
  • Jon comits to writing a disciplinary policy for staff handbook: ongoing not on wiki
  • Muri becoming a signitory for FG: 2 week rolling.
  • Mike commits to making a flowchart for macs: 6 weeks rolling.
  • Jamie commits to looking into finding solutions to harmonize the work enviroment: 5 weeks in progress.
  • Cave Clean-up: Jon 31/2 months
  • 3 x Reviews – postpone to next week
  • Buy Emergency Supplies – Mike commits – due Wednesday NOT DONE
  • Mike's repayment plan send to staff list–not done
  • Mariam COMMITS to disperse all adoption machines from the last 3 years in the database. DONE
  • Mike COMMITS to calling to Hackery and getting the money off them. DONE
  • Geoff COMMITS to increasing the laptop build space by double. DONE
  • Video that needs to be put on youtube COMMITS Mariam. NOT DONE
  • Radio advert needs to be sent to radio stations COMMITS Mariam.NOT DONE
  • Geoff COMMITS to writing a response to Jax's response to the warning letter. DONE
  • Jessica COMMITS to making signs preventing people walking through the warehouse easily. FAIL


  • Jamie: Enjoying sandwich, motherboards shipped, looking into expanding recycling options. Toner is an ongoing issue.
  • Jessica: Incoming has been very low, volunteers have been steady. Working on marketing/media.
  • Connie: Worked the store, improving fire safety, created an exit plan, marketing. Feels like she is in a strange version of geeky days of our lives.
  • Luke: The Directors have been trying to transition from the last board, their first meeting is next Thursday.
  • Geoff: Mezz has been busy, theres been some stealing which has got me down. Lots for builders to do with laptops now expanded. Spending too much time on politics. Found some joy in helping some folks this week.
  • Mariam: Working on admin mostly, hardware grants and been learning
  • Mike: WW was great, lots of computers. Up to date on receiving and macs.


  • Low Incoming Solutions:

Jessica- More outreach, marketing, begging letters, brochures, speeches etc. Jamie- Wants someone on marketing. To do it professionally. Jessica- Dedicate someone to do marketing person. Mike- Suggests making Jessica the outreach Connie- Should be unified marketing. Set up as a station. Jessica- Setup a station named Marketing. Geoff- Wants to see Jessica do outreach a few hours each day say 3hours from 3pm to 6pm. Jessica- Will work on a marketing station the last few hours of everyday for the next two weeks. COMMIT to make a volunteer station for marketing in two weeks time. Jamie- Doesnt want to start doing pickups for cost reasons. Geoff- Suggests we work with someone who already has a truck. Connie- Why don't we ask the volunteer list. Jessica- Mariam COMMITS to updating the mailing list AND sending out a request for gear to all our lovely volunteers. Luke- What about coop cars/vans? We could partner with them? Mariam COMMITS to looking to cost.

  • Moola:

Luke- I am taking over from Christine, it will still take a few weeks. Jessica- Whats our financial situation? Luke- I personally went to the bank and our accounts aren't great. Jessica- If I was the boss right now I'd fire two people, what about everyone else? Mariam- Proposes that we halt new volunteers. Jessica disagrees. Luke- Two solutions- increase income or reduce costs. Make more sales or save money on staffing. Jamie- Data on donations is static, we are being more efficient. If theres less stuff coming in then we should reduce volunteers. Jessica- Proposes no more grants for forseeable future, no more than 5 volunteers per day in warehouse. Jamie blocks. Mariam- Proposal to only talk money at next staff meeting, Passed.

  • Jax:

Geoff- response to Jax was sent. I would like Jax to leave the board of directors because of his consistent inability to follow health and safety. Mariam- would like Jax to leave the board of directors. Mike- Thinks Jax should be banned from the building. Luke- The current board has been divided on this issue. We all want it to get resolved. Jessica- The staff are not using the list because he is on it. Proposal to ask General to remove Jax from the Board of Directors at the next General meeting. Jamie- Can't take Jax seriously as a Director. I find that what has happened since Feb very concerning including the refusal to follow policy. I feel there is a huge conflict of interest with Jax, as the Hackery is our main competitor. Mariam- COMMITS to sending the warning to Jax again.

  • Store Aesthetic:

Proposal- The store is a mess as is the cave, PROPOSAL that we extend Jon's probation another three months, so he isn't a permanent member of staff until after a review in three months. Because of a lack of tidiness in the store and the cave. PASSED

  • Sales Records:
  • Macs/Mike:

Mike COMMITS to work out with Jon a MAC marketing strategy.

  • H&S:

Mike: Noticed a few things. The store is in a terrible state,its a health and safety hazard. Jamie's salmonella could have because of the food stuffs in the kitchen which has been dealt with. PROPOSAL to only have food stuff in the kitchen, PASSED. No storing things in the stair well. No open toed shoes. All cutlery should be in the kitchen.

  • Jamie COMMITS to getting a hazardous material handling sheet done up.

Connie: mike and connie are going to talk supplies for fire extinguishers. Mariam will ask landlord about fire alarms?