Staff Meeting - 2010-03-26

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Minutes of Free Geek staff meeting Friday 26th March 2010

1) Attendance: Tyler, Mike, Geoff, Jamie, Jon, Jessica and Jane.

2) Adoption of last meetings minutes: Agreed.

Old Business Commits: Geoff gave out store keys (Tyler put 2 spares in safe – 1 will be attached to set in safe already. Jessica's commit to get bench in kitchen – bench is done, cost $14.51. We need to think about whether we want more bench on another wall. Jessica has updated the TOIL policy in the staff handbook. Jessica and Jon looked at labour standards on lateness and this needs to be entered on Wiki. Tyler sent an email round with his understanding of the hiring process at present. Geoff looked into a venue for us all to go out together – suggested big Cafe Deux Soleil or Bandidas on Commercial Drive.

Tyler – dust filters. Far too expensive agreed to get new vacuum and vacuum more often. Jane will look into getting a new vacuum. Jon posted admin post to general list. We need to advertise it – Geoff agreed to do this. Jamie suggested we put $700 as the cost of replacing the locks and keys in the key policy, all agreed.

3) Reports:

Tyler – laptops all week, working with Kim, Cecilia and Devenne to train them up on laptops. Sent 3 or 4 laptops down to store this week. Also done general coverage.

Mike – pickups are improving. Had to do everything in one day this week. Need to get brakes on front wheels on dolly.

Geoff – Got caged camera mounted with Jamie's help. Sold approx. $1000 of systems this week and more to come. Struggling to get MACs into store. Sent lots of motherboards to store.

Jamie - unit counts show this is the 3rd busiest month since he put system into place (10 months ago). NorthStar income should be approx $1700 this time – this is simply because of cutting ends off of cables, mainly. Should be approx $15,000 coming in next month from motherboard recycling. He contacted BC Ferries about bringing their ewaste in here – at first not interested but now maybe, he will keep us informed. We have received the most systems we have ever received since keeping stats, this month.

Jon – Jessica helped to reorganise the store. Ran out of RAM completely. Very busy most of the time.

Jessica – Gave presentation with Jane on Monday night at Burnaby Library, went really well. Orientations are getting bigger, we need someone else to be trained to do them soon, burning out on this. Donations at receiving – approx $40 - $80 per day.

Jane – Echoed Jessica's words about presentation – many new visitors to store because of it and many new volunteers. Deff worth doing. Getting lots of freebies this week – applied for coffee from JJ Bean, free printer toner from Mills and free envelope printing with return address and they are going to do letterheads for us too. Paid bills, bank deposits etc. Covered phone desk and done one hardware grant.

4) Finances / Pay Anomolly

Interim year end statement was discussed. We have a healthy balance. Jessica proposed that we have a staff pay raise to $14.00 per hour, to be reviewed after 6 months. After discussion Tyler blocked this and we agreed to take a look at the budget for 2010 for next week and re-visit this.

Jane brought the pay anomolly to everyone's attention - this would involve an increase of $125 per annum. Again it was blocked and suggested we looked at again next week when we had reviewed the budget.

5) AGM 2010 – to take place on Sunday May 22nd. Geoff was organizing this but he is not going to be here now (see request for time off later in minutes) so he had to hand it over to someone else. Jon agreed to take this on.

6) Coffee – just a report on free coffee coming from JJ Bean soon!

7) Fundraising Ideas – sheet handed out by Jane, to be filled in and handed back to her asap. Woman called Marianne in 4th year of degree course at UBC wants to do some funding applications for us. She is coming in to meet Jane next week.

8) Hiring process – Tyler talked a bit about this. Jessica had a good idea (needs completing!! - see Jessica).

9) Staff Education – agreed Jessica could go on a training course with FG paying approx $411.

10) Time off – Jessica needs next Tuesday off, Jane will cover. Jon will be leaving at 1.00pm on Tuesday to meet an afternoon appt., will ask George if he can cover.

11) Tech Support, ongoing problem. Tyler proposed that if someone has a tech support question then we ask did you buy it here or did we give it to you, otherwise we cannot give tech support. All agreed.

12) Printer for Cave – need to look out for a networkable printer for the cave. Jessica agreed to keep her eye out for one.

13) Jane and Admin position. Jane explained that she would not be applying for the admin post for various reasons. Jessica proposed that we ask Jane to come back for 1 week or 1 day when we have the new person in place, just to go through the systems with them. All agreed. Jane said she would do this if she could.

14) BAN payment - $250 needs paying to BAN. Jane asked Geoff to send her the invoice and she would get it paid.

15) Website – Devenne and Geoff to get quotes to update the website. Jon needs to get stuff removed as he is getting calls about things – needs to contact Alec.

16) 10.04 Release Party – Ubuntu Vancouver is throwing a party for this so we will offer to help.

17) Day of pickups. Better when this happens earlier in the week. This is being done on Weds or Thursday at present, can Mike keep us informed of what is happening when and how much is coming in. so we can plan. Mike agreed to do this.

18) Tools – Mike will pick up new screwdrivers.

19) Geoff Time off request – Geoff is wanting to take May off as unpaid leave for 3 weeks and paid leave for 1 week, then he wants 2 weeks in August which will use up all his paid leave, so 3 weeks unpaid and 3 weeks paid. Agreed to ask Kim if he could cover this period of time and we can pay him for this.

Other time off during summer holiday requests:

Geoff - first 2 weeks in August Tyler – 2 weeks in July Jessica – 2 weeks in July No one else sure what they are doing at this point.

20) Meeting closed 4.45pm. Next meeting on Friday 9th April as we are closed for Good Friday next week.