Staff Meeting - 2010-02-26

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Staff Meeting 2010-02-26


  • Mike, Jessica, Geoff, Jamie, Jane (Tyler sick, Joshua sick)
  • Scribe- Jessica
  • Facilitator- Jamie

Previous Commits

  • Mike to contact man about truck to tell him we're not interested. Mike did not do because he lost the contact. -- this was done as Jamie had kept the number.
  • Mike has been reporting on type, amount and time of pickups to Jamie and commits to sending a report to the staff list. This is on going, no report yet to the staff list.
  • Geoff and Jessica commit to getting agenda from staff/ directors meeting from Chris Hooper. Not done.
  • Jessica commits to making a cctv sign- DONE
  • Geoff is still looking into contractors with Tyler for wiring.- On going.
  • Tyler has edited who's on the mailing lists and still needs to put Joshua on. Tyler is absent.
  • Tyler and Jane have asked for a financial statement from our accountant and see what is recommended to us price wise.-On going.
  • Inbox/Desk in Cave- Mike commits to an inbox in the cave on the desk. Done.
  • Employee X - Geoff will write a report about yesterday to the directors. Not done.
  • Geoff commits to getting two sets of keys made for Jane and Joshua. Not done.


  • Games Consoles/Games- The Hackery are buying all our console gear. It is against our policy to send out proprietory software. Proposal- sell the hardware in the store. Ask general what we should do with the software. Consensus on this proposal. Geoff commits to taking this to general.
  • Tours- Jessica commits to asking general if we can rent HDlab for tours and find out about insurance.
  • Employee X- the Directors have not responded to our request to ban this person. Geoff commits to find out where we are with this.
  • Jessica- Mike is concerned by cover for her position. Jessica would like people to say yes more to covering the floor and when they do accept they actually do cover. If she doesn't get covered there are knock on effects for everyone. Jessica will continue to train other staff on how to cover her.
  • Store Coordinator- Jane, Jessica and Mike will be in on Monday to interview. All staff are called to work at 10am Tuesday for the recommendation.
  • BAN- we dont need to be re-certified until august 31st, 2011.
  • Workgroups- Jessica is taking a workgroup condensing proposal to general. So that we only have operations(governance/OHS), build, volunteer, general and store workgroups. Staff had consesus.
  • Jobs Canada- Jane has been putting in applications for summer interns.
  • WW- proposal to make Windowless Wednesdays every week and for staff to take the mornings off on Wednesday when its their turn. Consensus on this proposal starting April.
  • Time off request- Jessica has been accruing a few days time in lieu and would like to take off Tuesday 2nd March. We have Jane, Joshua and Tyler to cover her that day. Consensus was reached. This is dependant on people being sick, in which case Jessica will come in.
  • Ink/Toner- we have a gaylord of opened toner and ink in the warehouse. Jamie will continue to try to find out how to recycle this toxic stash.