Staff Meeting - 2010-01-29

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Staff Meeting Jan 29th 2010

  • Attendance- Jamie, Jessica, Ifny, Tyler.
  • Jamie- Facilitator
  • Geoff- Moderator
  • Jessica- scribe

Previous Commits

  • Finding out about hardware grants and money left- Jessica and Geoff commit to speaking to Mahmoud
  • Talk to chicken factory about leaning fence (razor wire was dangerously low)-Jessica not done but fixed by Brian (Volunteer)
  • Tyler continues to commit to fix phones
  • Jessica made mini phone directories
  • Tyler will give a tutorial to Geoff about store, documentation to follow.
  • Tyler to look at projector in cave for workshop. Not needed for workshop and projector doesnt work. Shelves were moved.
  • Jamie to poke Geoff about Feb time off request. Done. Geoff is not planning on going anywhere for feb, as previously discussed. He was planning on going up north for a month, but now has decided to stay here.
  • Geoff to commits to putting last three meeting minutes on the wiki.


  • Jamie- clearing back log, hackery is clear, tuesday delivery. Mike is bringing in another five tonight. Recycling lead batteries/ups', stack of 18x2004 monitors to be tested.
  • Jessica- Volunteers are up and tours are still big ,hardware grants have been flying out. Been spending lots of time off the floor.
  • Geoff- more builders, which is awesome, hardware grants have been flying out, less back stock, more high end, keeping up with store and hardware grants. Harddrives are working well.
  • Tyler- hands off laptops, quick sorting and qc thats all, few sent to store, tues busy covering warehouse, wed busy covering all over, thurs taken up with getting the installer working. This coming week look to be similar, taking on bank deposits. One day of laptops in the next week.
  • Ifny- working on wrapping up loose ends.

Covering Volunteers

Jessica asked that covering of her on the floor means you are actually on the floor and supervising. This will help Jamie do his job and the volunteers be safe and happy. Jamie agrees that its a big hole when there's no one on the floor. Jessica commits to always having someone cover her on the floor.

Duties Covered

  • Bank Deposits- Tyler
  • Petty Cash-Tyler
  • Primary Accountant-Tyler
  • Signatory for account-Tyler
  • Accounts payable/receivable- tyler/ christine
  • online banking-tyler
  • payroll-christine
  • budget stewarding- christine
  • BAN & Stewardship liason- Jessica
  • Intergalactic-jessica
  • Media liason-jessica
  • checking info@ email-jessica
  • website maintenance-Alec
  • mailing list moderation-tyler
  • announcements- Jessica
  • geek booths- jessica
  • visual materials- jessica
  • email redirects- jessica
  • benefits liason- Christine
  • lease/landlord liason-Christine
  • building maintenance- Geoff
  • officer-christine/geoff
  • fugu liason-tyler
  • liason with westcan-jessica
  • agm- geoff
  • safe combo- tyler
  • accounting software- tyler
  • policy development-jessica
  • snail mail-jessica
  • insurance-christine

Infrastructure Grant

Ifny is buying her grant laptop.

Timely truck backing in

Mike and Jamie spoke and resolved this issue.