Staff Meeting - 2009-11-20

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Present. Geoff. Jamie. Jessica. Tyler.

Facilatator - Jessica

Scribe - Jamie.


Tyler - Getting a grasp on laptops, will be in Tues/Weds and Saturday.

Geoff - Lots of systems built, wants permission or training on what to do with Hardware Grants.

Jessica - Implementing volunteer ideas.

Jamie - UPS's stripped for lead recycling, Warehouse tidying, thinking.


Jamie - taught Wiki, been updating W/house Volunteer help section. Stock for First Aid Box done.

Geoff - Cleared junk island.

All - Trying to not saying anything that is not policy.

Tyler/Patrick - Laptops, YES.


1- Xmas Holidays. Staff proposed 26th December until 1st Jan inclusive, to be a staff holiday. It was felt that this time of year would be very slow on donations, due to the Holiday season. It was also noted that, there may be NO work for volunteers to do in this quiet time, plus if Freegeek was open, there would be running costs-electricity. Tyler informed the group that last year was very slow and that sales from the store were very slow. 24th Dec 2008 the store took $60 in sales. Staff would like this time off to spend with family and refresh for the onslaught in the New Year and thought it would be a nice gesture from Freegeek to honour the holiday. Staff wanted clarification that, if the time off was granted, would staff be paid?

This item to be brought up at the next staff meeting.

2 - Tech Support Geoff would like to work for an organization that helps people learn about their computers. Freegeek gives away Ubuntu, but offers no further support. Obviously there would be no support with any propriety software. The potential work load of tech support is a grey area. Geoff feels he can manage it at present, with no negative impact on his workload. It would be a good idea to get a policy together and look at it Logistically and avenues need to be defined - Build/store.

This item to be brought up at the next staff meeting.

3-Hard - Drives Jessica noted that, If we are sending Laptops with unwiped HardDrives out of the building, it is a contradiction to what the Freegeek website states, in how we protect personal data.

If we send unwiped harddrives out of Freegeek, then for Audit purposes, we need to log the serials on the harddrives and receive a receipt, with hard drive serials from the Hackery certifying that the harddrives have been wiped.

Tyler was uncomfortable with un wiped laptop hard drives leaving Freegeek as the impression it gave to volunteers, contradicts the message Freegeek states in how it protects personal data.

For this reason, all staff in the meeting are uncomfortable with the present method of laptops with unwiped hard drives leaving the building.

This item to be brought up at the next staff meeting.

4 - Receiving Jamie wants to have a sorting bench for receiving. This will enable boxes for sorting, to be emptied onto the said bench and avoid hands being blindly placed into boxes. Jamie would also like volunteers instructed in how to lift correctly. If we advise on how to lift correctly, then Freegeek has instructed in how to lift and avoid any liability issues.