Staff Meeting - 2009-09-04

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Attendance: Armand, Ifny, Tyler, Jessica and Patrick Agenda Commits: Jessica will get Armand to sign the staff waiver on the wiki.

1. Software policy

Jessica needed clarification on the policy, Ifny glady clarified.

2. Conflict resolution policy

Jessica asked that staff check her policy page and edit as desired!

3. Build coordinator

Geoff is recommended to fill this position. Staff agreed with HR's decision to hire Geoff once his references have been checked.

4. Jessica

HR has expessed a desire to keep on Jessica on another interim contract until the winter holiday break. Jessica accepts the request and staff consent to her contract being extended.

5. Space

Ifny says Mike next door has offered his space for us to expand into. This agenda item has been forwarded to the general monthly meeting.

6.Next Week

Jamie is away for two days next week. It is a short week. Jessica and Jane are in England. Brian has expressed his desire to help on this busy week. Jax has confirmed he is coming in to help on wednesday as well as Friday. All hands on deck.

7.First Aid Box

The box will be updated by Patrick to industrial standards after his industrial certification. Jessica will create improved signage for the first aid box.

8.Service Canada Reports

Ifny will put together reports for interns.