Staff Meeting - 2009-07-10

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Staff Meeting minutes for Friday, July 10th, 2009 at 12:00pm
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Attendance: Patrick, Mike, Stephen, Jamie, Jane, Ifny, Jessica, Jessica (scribe)

Pre-meeting staff rounds

  1. Craigslist – CRT blow-out - $5 each => Patrick
  2. Media: CBC Radio. Tidy-up and prepare 2 x systems [1 fail + 1 pass] July 28th => Ifny & all
  3. Scheduling on Fridays – important to have volunteers all day; later start for vols is important (Jane, Jessica, Ifny)
  4. Stephen will dispose of the light bulbs in the kitchen

Matters arising from last meeting minutes



Time off requests

  • Jane proposes time off requests at start of Friday meetings; HR will approve
  • Ifny proposes requests happen on a FG mailing list (staff list)
    • Conclusion: Requests on staff mailing list; HR decision; then staff calendar

gets updated on approval.

Congestion in warehouse -> extra storage

  • Jamie: Storage is an issue that should be solved before new warehouse is discussed
  • Feels shelving is underutilized and would like to see movement in warehouse
  • Ifny agrees, wants to cleanse all the grey material (I.e. not sellable); savvy volunteers can help
  • Need to craigslist the excess.
    • Conclusion: Inventory needs to be done; then we can work out what we have a

surplus of, then sell off excess and scrap miscellaneous. Therefore creating space for receiving. Volunteers can help condense what's already there.

New warehouse plans

  • Mike asked if we need a moving committee as we are expanding; money is limiting moving currently. Focus would be put on improving current warehouse.

Leasing trucks – cost

  • Info is delayed on truck leasing for two weeks.

General safety issues

  • Jamie expressed concerns about the loading bay; it was decided to improve danger signage and only use staff for safety positions.
  • Black bag = Hazardous e-waste.

Build barebones


HR report for review / exit interview

  • Mike's review – completed, follow up review July 24th
  • Exit interview: HR conducted interview with Esam.
  • new staff need better orientation; use buddy system;
  • Alec Smecher will be on Stephen's review panel and added to HR workgroup.

Bus pass proposal

  • Not discussed at this time.


  • Reiteration: ALL CDs and DVDs must be recycled (data destruction policy and software policy). This includes music cds. Staff must ensure that volunteers comply with these policies.

Next meeting date

  • July 17th.